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Harvard:Mock United Nations, INDIA .2012

Inventure Academy students at the Harvard MUN

I’ve always loved travelling for 2 simple reasons: learning and  socializing. Accompanied by my school mates, my recent trip to Hyderabad  was the best!

HMUN 2012, held in Hyderabad, was a once in a life time chance which few get. Just under  1000 delegates were chosen from all across the leading schools of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, parts of the Middle East and South- Asia.

This conference was 4 packed days of sheer concentration from 16-19th August.

All my fellow school delegates sat together to discuss the Global Village. This was a social event in which each delegation had a stall to introduce the country they represented as a delegate/ or the country they were from. It was amazing how much we managed to plan in 20 minutes! There was so much to do and so little time…our hotel room stood mutely to listen to the ideas that were flung from all directions! Oh boy were we not ready!

The evening was filled with people, dressed up to represent their respective countries. Our stall was combining our three African countries: – Zambia, Ethiopia & Lesotho.  Our stall was  setup for a photo as an African locale. Global Village gave the Chairs an idea of your delegation – and profiled them prominently.

My committee was called DISEC – Disarmament & International Security Committee and our agenda was  “A Nuclear Free Middle East.”  The main focus of this debate was finding resolutions rather than playing the blame game – which is how HMUN is different from Indian MUNs.  The delegates are also encouraged to be more polite.

What really struck me was the fact that we all had such passion. There was such a drive to make our point clear. No matter what was said, I feel very proud of myself and everyone else because we all worked hard and supported each other. MUN is not something to be taken lightly and I feel that we accomplished a lot within those 3 days. We learned all about how to debate and not to be afraid to speak. For MUN, you really need to believe and have the conviction to make whatever you say believable – even if it’s a silly point. You need to be brave and say as much as you can – and all  us Inventure students, definitely left our mark. Two of our delegates (from Inventure) just missed the honours and guess what? They came more determined than ever!

The delegate dance was a lot of fun. We got to dress up as superheroes – demigods, Batman, Spiderman, flower power, you name it! We danced our socks off and the best part was seeing the chairs in action – they had some moves ! We chilled out on India Night and had pizza.

On the plane back home, I was very wistful and I still am. I miss being independent and meeting new people. HMUN is an incredibly enlightening experience. To all you “Munner”s out there, HMUN was filled with first time Munners and is recommended for them because one can learn a lot just from observing.

Anusha Ramji

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