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Holi by Shrushti and Inika

I thought Holi was….
A celebration of good over evil
A festival of colours
A time for communities to come together
A new beginning
But yesterday it became
A distasteful affair
A shrewd opportunity for unknown hands to grope me
I looked around for the culprit
But all I see are people behind coloured masks
In despair I vow
Never again
It’s a scheming event for acid attacks
Lives ruined under the pretense of celebration
Undeserving pain and burnt skin
Wondering why me?
In the end all I have is
Bitter reminiscence of traumatizing touch
And tenacious throbs of scalded skin
I check the news and see
The sheer number of narcotic-induced fatalities
Is this really Holi?
A celebration of good over evil?
A festival of colours?
A time for communities to come together?

A new beginning?
It’s time we restore Holi to its founding truth
So no man
Or woman
Or child
Walks away disheartened
Or traumatized
Or scarred
It’s time we stopped and see who we’ve become
So we leave
And spread colour
Instead of darkness
Spread harmony
Instead of nuisance
Spread faith
Instead of fear
It’s time we restore Holi to its founding truth