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If I could control Bangalore traffic…

I would widen the roads so that the vehicles would not bang each other.
I would bring in more police personnel to manage the traffic.
I would fine the people who honk without reason as this causes noise pollution.
I would fine the people who jump the red light as this is dangerous.
I would build more traffic lights so that the vehicles could move smoothly.
I would lay new roads which are not bumpy and filled with potholes.
I would keep a divider on every road so that there is no confusion on which side to go.
I would introduce the rule of carpooling whenever you go somewhere as a group as this lessens vehicles on the road and reduces pollution.
I would encourage people to use public transport to lessen vehicles on the road.
I would ensure people get their pollution test done so that their vehicle can cause less damage to the environment.
I would encourage people to walk or cycle short distances.

Srishti Sudharsan, 5