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If I were made CM even for a day…

#AreWeThereYet #PrimarySchoolProduction2016

Hundreds of cars restlessly hover, long lines of absolutely still, yet never at peace automobiles filling the street. Orange lights glimmer. Honks fill the air, each one a disturbing, out of tune melody. Inside the cars, heads lean against the wheel, fingers drum against windows, passengers grit their teeth, cursing viciously underneath their breath. In a small green car, a young woman adjusts her glasses nervously, feverishly glancing at her watch. Frustrated tears threaten to spill from her eyes. She’s late for her first job interview. And there’s nothing she can do about it. Behind her car, in a rugged grey jeep, a man bites his lip, flicking through his wallet to glance at a photo of his little daughter. He promised her he’d make it in time for her ballet recital. He pulled at his makeshift tie. He’d worked extra shifts yesterday, so his boss would let him go home early today. All the cars stand motionless, engines running, hopeful for a chance to move quickly. They’re disappointed.

Traffic eats into the lives of many, impacting people mentally, as well as using up time that could be utilized well otherwise. Traffic infiltrates into our brains, causing stress and blocking our minds as well as the roads. Something has to change. The persisting problem of traffic has to be resolved.

To have the power to create, or destruct, enhance or wreck, all under your fingertips, or with a swish of your pen or the hum of a few words, is something that should be used wisely. If I were made CM, I would use my authority carefully. I’d use it for causes that affect every single one of us, to solve the problems that we face every day. Something that I would want to solve as quickly as possible, and in the best way, is the arising issue of relentless traffic, that haunts us all each day. Firstly, I would create more lanes, and separate vehicles according to their type, ultimately spreading them out. I’d increase the tax for private vehicles significantly, which would encourage people to use public transport more often, which would reduce the amount of vehicles on the road and prevent congestion, and even create buses that offer more luxury, for people who prefer more comfort. I’d pass laws that make working from home on certain days mandatory, as well as carpooling. I’d also pass a law that makes it compulsory for people to use public transport once a week. Most of all, I’d use my power as a figure in society, and maybe someone who could impact the minds of many, and spread awareness of what traffic does, and ways to stop it. At the end of the day, it’s up to the people to come together and effect change, to stand against what causes distress and to implement new solutions.
Mitali Singh, 8IG