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In Memoriam: Ria Gettu Lakshman Aug 3, 1999 – Nov 2, 2015

Last morning, we heard of the heart breaking news of Ria Gettu’s passing. Ria was a tenth grade student at Inventure Academy, a loving daughter, a beloved sister and a much cherished friend.
Ms. Lucy Joseph, Ria’s Class Teacher, wrote some time ago, “Ria Gettu has been with us since the 8th grade. Shy, unassuming and brilliant, she is one of the class toppers. A great writer, she was writing three books on History, Romance and the Supernatural when tragedy struck her. …that did not stop her from writing though. She loves school and her class mates who have been a source of great moral support for the last 14 months…making her laugh and motivating her to bounce back to school. Till last month she was working at home on Math, English, Biology and History, as teachers mailed her worksheets which kept her going. She had also completed and submitted her tenth grade board projects.”
She was recovering till the 9th chemotherapy session and then the scan reports showed multiple growths. Doctors were doing whatever possible under the given circumstances. Our Inventure community has been very supportive and giving in Ria’s fight against cancer. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support.
Ria is one of the bravest souls we have ever come across ….fighting her battle under painful circumstances. Let’s us all remember her in our prayers and reach out in all ways we can. It saddens us deeply that this brave soul has succumbed to this dreadful disease.”
News of this kind can stir up lots of emotions. Some of you who knew Ria personally will be upset, sad and shocked at the news. But even those who didn’t know her would feel upset as we are all connected to each other through the school community. This sudden loss also reminds us of other losses we have experienced in our own lives and the memory of this can be painful. As a community, we feel empathy for Ria’s family and we can empathise with the pain they are feeling at this time. We had a special assembly in Ria’s memory at 9 am last morning. Her close friends spoke lovingly about their friend and we all prayed for Ria.
This is a time to also feel the benefits of being a close-knit community. We can support each other. We can pray together. And we can remember to cherish each moment as we are reminded of the fragility of all our lives.
As we continue our life’s journey, keep thinking of Ria, her family and her friends but most of all, think of each other. Put aside any differences and enjoy the feeling of strength that comes when we join together. We are, and will continue to be, a community of faith, hope and love. Today, your challenge is to be a beacon of these qualities wherever you are.
Let us remember Ria’s courage and resolve. Let us remember that she is in a better place. Let us remember that though we and her family will miss her, she is with us – watching and smiling as we talk about her fondly.

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