INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

INME Campus Chief Reports

Inventure Grade: 5
Name of the campus chief: Trigunesh Mukherjee

A. My overall sense of the students
• Barring a few exceptions the group of students was collaborative, caring and curious to learn.
• Enthusiasm was high throughout. Off and on a few children felt homesick but recovered quickly.
• The capacity to brave the adverse weather conditions and linked issues was outstanding in this group.
• Provided the right opportunities and support the group performs exceedingly well even in areas where one could
expect some reluctance. Two such areas that pleasantly surprised us are, one, cleanliness and neatness of tents;
and two, “serenity period” wherein silence and being solo were the keys.
• I definitely recommend introduction of “Honour Code” – in the Inventure way

B. Top 3 strengths as a grade
1. Focus on activities.
2. Curiosity to learn.
3. Enjoying teamwork

Comments: A lot of individual students need closer attention.


Inventure Grade: 6
Name of the campus chief: Wg Cdr Satish Aparajit, SC (Rtd)

A. My overall sense of the students
• The grade 6 students are, in general, independent thinkers. They have wonderful language skills and also displayed various leadership       qualities during the program.
• Some of the students who, perhaps spent their early childhood in the West, have a marked disconnect with India, its culture & traditions. It  was initially difficult for them to reconcile rural life with what they have been exposed to so far in their lives.
• However, as the program progressed, the children started adapting and thriving in an environment that was out of their comfort zones.
• Seeing them listen better, become more disciplined and engaged displayed how much potential they had within them.

B. Top 3 strengths as a grade
1. English Language skills
2. Leadership qualities
3. Sharing

Comments: Most of the children displayed wonderful leadership qualities, often way beyond what is expected at this age. However, they must also understand that everyone cannot be the leader at the same time always.

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Inventure grade: 9
Name of the campus chief: Tarun Chandna

A. My overall sense of the students
• The group was energetic, enthusiastic and highly engaged. The kids showed great camaraderie and fun spirit. They had a great sense of humor and would pull fast ones on each other and laugh collectively at these.
• There was only a hint of groupism but that did not seem to hinder the overall fun and learning attitude of the group.
• The ‘never say die’ attitude was a joy to observe. The kids took every activity seriously and participated with pomp and zeal.
• The students made an active attempt to connect and engage with the instructors.
• They were inquisitive and asked intelligent questions.
• They shared a healthy, positive relationship with their teachers. There was an element of playfulness among the students and teachers that reflected the bond of affection among them. The teachers came across as trusted mentors for the students.

B. Top 3 strengths as a grade
1. Ability to laugh at themselves. While they would be playing a lot of pranks on each other, they were able to take it all in their stride and had the ability to laugh at themselves.
2. High energy and high engagement. The students were keen on participating in all the activities. The level of excitement and energy was infectious among the students and they were energized as a group.
3. Excitement & desire to face new challenges. They urged each other on and were willing to take on challenges.



Inventure grade: 10
Name of the campus chief: Nipun Malik

A. My overall sense of the students
• The group was very supportive of each other. They worked together to reach higher limits day in and day out.
• They were very enthusiastic to complete the expedition successfully and leave a big benchmark for future grades to look at.
• Even when there were enough opportunities for the whole group to lose morale they stuck together and encouraged each other to push to push themselves.
• They ensured no man left behind was followed strictly even though it meant they will not reach the peak.
• The whole group’s endurance to brave adverse weather conditions where temperature sometimes dropped to -6 degrees is commendable. Especially the enthusiasm early mornings to ensure they get a quick start to try cover up for time lost on the previous day.
• The group while from a distance might give an impression of carefree teenagers is actually quite mature for their age and their grasp for knowledge and learning is outstanding.
• The children were fabulous in keeping the Never Give Up rule throughout the expedition. Even when they realized due to duration of daylight being low they will not be able to reach the peak they decided on new targets and made sure they achieve them.

B. Top 3 strengths as a grade
1. Flexible – they were always ready and quick to decide as soon as a new challenge was put in front of them even though it meant changing their decisions.
2. Never Give Up Attitude – even though they knew that they could not reach the peak they never gave up. They even tried to convince us to let them walk after sunset so that they could reach the peak.
3. Respect for all – even though some people were slower than others the children were always encouraging them and ensuring they come along as far as they can with them. They ensured they took these kinds of factors while doing deciding on the plan forward rather than ignoring them.

Comments: A couple of students need individual attention and more encouragement than others.


Inventure grade: 11
Name of the campus chief: Dr. Apoorv Bajpai

A. My overall sense of the students
• This was a group of very intelligent and gifted students from a varied background with a high level of general awareness.
• Most of them were athletic and interested in the outdoors. At the same time, many of them seemed to be detached, uninterested and rebellious at the beginning of camp.
• There was a general sense of unruliness and indiscipline in them wherein they would not respect timelines and processes to be followed. However, once they were explained the importance of choices and consequences, they did seem to understand the significance of rules and discipline in context.
• It took time and effort to engage the entire group in the activities on camp but once the kids were engaged, they were fully committed.
• They were highly perceptive, analytical and critical in all discussions.
• They learnt to respect nature, their tools for outdoor activities, and the safety procedures. So much so that they were urging each other to ensure safety!

B. Top 3 strengths as a grade
1. Intelligence.-All the students were gifted and had a high level of awareness. They enjoyed learning through discovery and needed challenges to be engaged.
2. Analytical ability- They were quick to find logical loopholes in any argument and would ask smart questions
3. Unity in diversity- Although the students were from varied backgrounds and talents there was a sense of camaraderie among them. They would work as a unit and would support each other during the activities.