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INME Outclass Outbound trip

On June 4, 2015, Grade 10 students from Inventure Academy embarked on the Inme Outclass outbound trip. The theme was ‘Leadership and Decision Making’ and the destination was the white waters of Rishikesh. It was only an eight days’ program, but was rigorous and grueling to say the least. On camp, the students learned to manoeuvre a kayak and a raft on the undulating waters of the Ganges. They learned to flip and unflip a kayak and a raft and get back on each. They learned to make judgement calls as a two-person kayak drifted onto the raging currents in the rapids. They even built a boat using bamboo poles, jute strings and rubber tubes.
All of this was in the seat of nature, with the greenery of the mountainous embankments towering on either side like patient sentinels, silver-sanded banks scorching at 45 degrees and the Ganges herself teasing at a chilling 15 degrees or less. In these conditions the students demonstrated how to work with and honorably compete with each other. They enthusiastically paddled into the rapids, flipped over as waves toppled them, unflipped the kayak and helped each other back on board. Their days were long, with hours of paddling before and after lunch; they even jumped off a 30 foot cliff into the water. This outbound trip was anything but a school excursion – it was truly an adventure as a learning initiative.
The outbound trip offered lessons that could hardly be learnt in a classroom; and lessons they did learn! It was evident when after Helter-Skelter, the game series on the last day of camp, how all of the 4 teams left without looking at the scoreboard. The journey had been treated with more ceremony than the destination. Clearly everyone had won, as KK, the camp captain zestfully pointed out that it was a first in his career that the scoreboard was discarded after the game. This outbound trip with Inventure Grade 10 was truly something to savor.

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