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INMUN 2016 ~ Day 2

Inventure Academy
Model United Nations 2016

“Four hostile newspapers are to be feared more than four thousand bayonets”

There are bruises on my body, My face heated with shame. There are people all around me,
Staring at my useless form.
I cry and cry and cry
In the spotlight of Society’s norms.
There is a gaping hole in me
My innocence is gone The bruises on my body The effect of my lost soul.

Rudri Mehta, Washinton Post – on CSW


IS-IS Baby

The world is in utter chaos, with the growing threat of ISIS, who threatened the safety and sovereignty of Muslim states by giving them an ultimatum: Pledge allegiance to and join ISIS, or suffer the consequences. Without adequate time to recover from this scare, another disaster- well, not really disaster- struck. With the ISIS running rampant, anyone who opposed them would be taken down, and obviously the number one target is the foremost among all racist leaders, the one and only Orange Man, Donald J. Trump. His assassination was in a way the biggest shock, because his assassins, though not identified, were seen escaping in an ISIS branded chopper. As the delegate of USA rightly questioned, “what happened to the White House security?”

For the moment, Sarah Palin, Vice President of the USA, has stepped into power.

Folks, there is no way to know what the future holds in store for us. Nothing is sure, and nothing is safe. How far can we depend on our country representatives in the UN to come up with practical solutions when all they seem concerned about are refugee camps and invading troops? The path ahead looks grim, but we hope we can contain the crisis of the spread of ISIS.
Rashi Kumar, Reporters without Borders – on Crisis

How dairy!

Today’s session started off with a crisis! The first update was aimed at South Korea when they found a bacterium (Cerebrum) in their milk. This bacterium results in seizures and lack of muscle control. This also resulted in the death of 1,5000 soldiers. The delegate of the United States had a very dramatic reaction accusing ROK, stating that it had been done “intentionally”. Shots were fired between the delegate of United States and the delegate of ROK.

The delegate of New Zealand wants to aid ROK by sending their researchers there and willing to give the lives of their scientists to help the life of millions.

The second update flashed on the screen stating that Obama calls for an evacuation of all the unaffected soldiers from South Korea and all the effected soldiers to stay in South Korea with the no medical aid. This resulted in all delegates going against the delegate of the United States.

Fast forward, to about an hour later, when the chair proposed a resolution from all the delegates asking them who they think is behind the whole situation. Majority of the delegates cursed the United States! This session was mainly focused on the unbalanced relationship between the United States and ROK.

Ananya Gupta, The Guardian – on WHO
Security Council

The Security Council today started off with great enthusiasm. Few nations stated their stance on the issue. The crisis was said to be ‘outrageous’. As a matter of fact, the voting powers of the United States and United Kingdom were discussed and US losing the vote, ended up losing its voting power. This was because as mentioned by the delegate of China, the States was the very reason of the conflict. Additionally, the US was blamed for conducting air strikes in Libya. But, the US in opposition claims that the ISIS stole the plane near Baghdad. Today’s crisis update was: US & UK sent 100,000 into Libya and peace talks collapse, Libya is collapsing. US held air strikes on Libya, killing 50 civilians. GNA was overthrown by protestors. USA sent its ambassadors to Libya. The International Press appreciates the efforts of the Security Council and wishes them luck.

Muskaan Sharma, Le Monde – on Security Council

Minh Assassinated; Security Council in Turmoil

In the wee hours of the 31st of January, the United Kingdom sanctioned the assassination of Ho Chi Minh. Post his shooting, the agent proceeded to escape through Laos with the sanction of the Laotian government.

Following this, the DPRK, USSR AND THE PRC proceeded to draft the CRISIS DIRECTIVE 1.0, stating the following:

The PRC, USSR and PRC will deploy troops as a precautionary measure against possible forceful takeover by capitalistic forces.

The PRC and USSR will provide monetary aid and send political advisors to stabilize the internal political conflict.

The head of the communist forces Le Drua, will take Ho Chi Minh’s role in an internal government. USSR and PRC are willing to negotiate a ceasefire. North Vietnam‘s stance for a clause is unclear.

However, all was not rosy for the communist bloc. The delegate of North Vietnam is against the interference of the Chinese and this has led to formation of a rift between the two nations.

In response to this, USA, Cambodia, West Germany, Japan, Philippines, South Vietnam, France and China drafted Directive 2.0, which aimed to re-station allied troops, propose a ceasefire, condemning Minh’s assassination. No further updates have occurred and it seems that the council is in great turmoil and in intense debate. Will the Indo-Chinese region ever see peace? Will the war come to a close?

Maybe! Maybe not! The world will just have to wait and see.

Shivjeet Parthasarthy, IRNA – on HSC



The delegate of France blames the Muslims for the bombing and gives a figure that there are 70% chances that the bombing was done by Muslims. The delegate of the United States of America finally spoke after being inactive in the session, his view was that all Muslims should be thrown out of France. Delegates of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Israel, and few more expressed themselves and suggested that if this attack has been done by Muslims, then it’s only the extremists and the religion cannot be blamed.

The motion of an unmoderated caucus was passed to discuss the crisis further. Islamic countries, especially the delegate of Saudi Arabia ended her speech by saying, “Finally, the delegate would like to say that the causal and continuous accusation of Islamic countries needs to stop, and anymore of this will not be tolerated by Saudi Arabia.” This statement was appreciated by all the Islamic countries.

A chit was passed to the delegate of Bangladesh about what the delegate felt about France’s perspective of the crisis. To which the delegate replied saying “we stand by France as their provisions for Muslims in their country is reasonable enough. The provisions consist of the Burkha ban.

The international press looks at the efforts of the Human Rights commission with appreciation, and wishes them luck to come to a conclusion for the crisis.

Diya Rakesh, Al Jazeera – on UNHRC

DISEC-ting a Nuclear Bomb

Day two of INMUN, and DISEC’s committee is going swimmingly. They are having fruitful and meaningful arguments/discussions (call it what you want). And yet again DPRK has been cornered. The agenda for today was again ‘Disarmament of WMDs in DPRK’, but there is a twist.

Today, instead of WMDs, the main weapon in focus was biological and chemical weapons. The moderated caucus started and China began by saying that Biological and Chemical weapons cause long term effects to plant species and animals. Canada backed them up by saying that these weapons must be prohibited worldwide as they cause diseases such as anthrax and small pox. The Swiss too followed up with same points. Austria stated that DPRK were conducting research in this field of biological and chemical weapons, where DPRK agreed to this statement and the session continued. There was a bit of chit passing, which is allowed if they are relevant, but the delegate of Poland and the delegate of Pakistan seemed to have a bit of a thing going on. Aayush Varghese, the Assistant Director of DISEC intervened, read out Mr. Pakistan’s flirty messages and everybody had a good laugh. The session continued and then they were back to the biological weapons.

In this day and age with all the nuclear weapons no one stands a chance. “In nuclear war, all men are ‘cremated’ equally.”

Ishaan Chadha, Saba News Agency – on DISEC


In an interview with the representative of South Sudan; the not so answerable delegate of yesterday. The delegate was able to justify the splitting of Sudan when not put under so much pressure. Some of her points were valid while some were unrealistic. The delegate rightly quoted “when our citizens seek help from a country that has volunteered to provide aid, the last thing we expect is the violation of our citizens. It is difficult to control such a big displacement of our citizens; especially when we are a newly formed country.

The rest of the committee proceedings continued in a simple way and they were still not able to find a viable solution to GBV. The delegates of Egypt and Pakistan tried to find their own solutions to match the working paper. When the committee was given an informal session for about 30 minutes they aimed at finding working solutions but failed to do so yet again. We could see the formation of blocs as the only positive thing that has happened. Hopefully the delegates realize the important need to find solutions instead of blaming each other one by one.

Aniruddh Vadaddi, DPA – on CSW

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