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INMUN 2016 ~ Day 3 – Closing Ceremony

Inventure Academy

Model United Nations


“In the old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press.”

~ Oscar Wilde


New-clear War

The committee had gone into a press conference which was pretty entertaining as the delegate of Kazakhstan was accused of not knowing his country’s spelling by the press which was proven right as the delegate had written ‘KHAZAKISTHAN’ in a chit sent to the press.

The crisis of ISIS was resolved by the committee and a new government was established in Pakistan. The resolution was drafted and was complete (sort of).

However, a new crisis had taken place in the committee as the nukes of Pakistan, controlled by China were stolen and were found to have been in control of USA, France and UK, who threatened to fire these on DPRK, unless ROK is returned by them. The world is at the verge of a nuclear war and the Indian delegate is ready to send half of India’s troops to DPRK (what???).

It was a very interesting day in the crisis committee with loads of drama (DPRK recognized USA as a country :0).

Kush Gupta, Xinhua Press – on Crisis

No Conclusion Is-Raeli Reached Yet!

The human rights violations in the Israeli-Arab conflict were contemplated in the UNHRC in great detail. While the Arabic League recommends the formation of a full Palestinian State to sort out these issues, Chinese and Italian delegates have advocated a neutral stance recommending sustained diplomacy and dialogue. Another point evinced on is the fact that Israel’s Jewish population density is very high: about 350 Jews per sq km whereas Palestinian population density is lower – about 250 Arabs per sq km. The argument stated by the delegate of Israel was that Israel needs more area to reduce its population density and keep the land that they claim is rightfully theirs. In other scenes, Palestine stressed upon the Hamas not reflecting the beliefs of its people and even went on to state that Palestine would destroy them if they could. Speaking exclusively to TOI, he was left flummoxed when asked about the civilians he’d kill if he were to destroy Hamas.
Still, after heavy deliberations, the committee has not come to any settlement so far.

Sarthak Kamat, Times of India – on HRC

Day three of INMUN, and yet again it is raining. But that doesn’t ruin the mood! Everyone is buzzing and DISEC has started their draft resolution. The signing countries of the first draft resolution are France, Brazil, USA, Israel and South Korea. The reading of this resolution, about how DPRK can be disarmed was followed by a question and answer session. Yemen, China and Switzerland questioned the Union of these countries but they stayed firm and strong and stood by their clauses. They weren’t too firm because during the amendment session a few of their clauses were deleted.

After this a roasting session took place. A press conference was held and Arincheyan Gerald, the director of Security Council, playing the role of a press member entered and asked people questions which they weren’t able to answer that well. Arin was armed with a stern face, had done great research and asked extremely difficult questions! Switzerland was the first victim. Questions about the Swiss banking policy were answered, but not to Arin’s satisfaction. China was next. There was a bit of laughter going around when the topic of ‘tanks’ came up. There was a bit of fumbling around the main answer but the delegate of China ultimately got to the point. And then the day went on and it was the end of INMUN. It was bitter sweet, bitter because of the bare fact that this convention was over. But sweet because we all knew that we were leaving with good memories, knowledge and new friends.

Ishaan Chadha, Saba News Agency – on DISEC

Mosquitos are like Family- Annoying, but they carry your blood.

The last session entailed some concrete decisions made in the two significant blocs. With some issues faced, similar viewpoints seemed to have been expressed from either side of the committee. A moderated caucus proposed by the Delegate of New Zealand on abortion led to the debate on whether abortion was religiously ethical, or if it would cause an adverse effect on the health of the mothers as well as their future children.

Additionally, two un-moderated caucuses were granted for significant periods of time. This gave rise to resolutions featuring the implementation of NFP (Natural Family Planning) as a more acceptable version of birth control in contrast to contraceptives, Korea’s issue of pest protective clothing for athletes (and from the other bloc, China’s Permethrin treated sports-wear), the encouragement to use the Wolbachia bacteria to prevent virus replication and the reduction of the Aedes mosquito life-span.

It was considered almost unanimously that a year’s postponement of the Rio Olympic Games would be the safer option to welcome.

A curious phenomenon to notice is how even though several individuals have a single objective, they all have unique ways to approach the issue based on their capabilities and limitations.

Amatullah Vahanwala, ANA MPA – on WHO

Avoiding World War 3

After the 6th Annual Inventure Model United Nation’s Historical Security Council’s delegate of Khmer Rouge (Ex-Cambodia) finally decided that he didn’t want to take over the world to spread communism (which would have led to a World War 3) and the world was at peace, a saying that a wise robot once said became the crux of our committee: “As soon as the world settles down, God throws a stone at it”. But in this case, “God” was a piece of paper called an “update”. And this update brought the delegates’, chairs and press member’s horrors to life; now that North Vietnam has agreed to a ceasefire, USA and South Vietnam are preparing troops to invade North Vietnam.

This immediately inflamed the committee and instantly led to a 40 minute un-moderated caucus, with delegates crowded around one lone laptop, pushing forward their point to be made into clauses.

After this un-moderated caucus, the delegates came up with a unanimous resolution, the sponsors including West Germany, China, Japan and Khmer Rouge. This resolution contained everything for the peace between USA, South Vietnam and North Vietnam.

Thanks to this brilliant unanimous resolution, the Historical Security Council is one step closer to achieving peace.

Anjali Mallampooty, Folha de Sao Paulo – on HSC

East or West, Equal Rights are the Best

The third day of session was interesting – a resolution was in the forming, and the committee was not divided into blocs, which I think is an achievement in its own. A stable, yet flawed working paper was formed. The delegates used the phrase ‘urges the ECOSOC’ a whole lot, and, as the Director rightly pointed out, the countries that are sponsoring this resolution are themselves in some sort of financial crisis. In some clauses, war zone countries were looked upon favourably, and others not. One of the clauses even talked about how the SC should ‘urge religious leaders’ to stop, basically, being mean to women. The chair mocked them, asking them if they mean to sit down with these dictators, these unstable leaders, and say ‘hey, listen, please don’t do this.’ I think the delegates just assumed that resources and funds fall out of the sky.

However, brilliant points were made on the medical help, funds, media awareness and self-defence tactics to prevent GBV. Some amendments were much needed, others not so much. Delegates made some amendments that didn’t make sense about spreading awareness in war zones. Again, you just can’t go from door to door and knock to ‘spread awareness’ on ‘training parents and women.’ That is not a viable solution, and I think the chair and delegates realised it too.

Rudri Mehta, Washington Post – on CSW

A Pig Problem: The delegate of France justified almost force-feeding their Muslims pork, saying, “It’s nutritious.” It’s helpful to learn that pork is the only source of protein in France.
-on Security Council

Credits: The International Press Corps, INMUN 2016

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