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Inventure Academy delegates awarded at BMUN 2014

Inventure Academy delegates at BMUNBMUN 2014
We all set out to the Bangalore Model United Nations conference with big expectations and quite a bit of excitement. I waited at the bus stop anxiously, it was my fifth MUN and I was in a particularly difficult committee – the Security Council.
The first day was tough for me, I didn’t speak much and the level of competition in my committee was very high. Regardless of the circumstances, I was thoroughly intrigued by the intensity and complexity of debate in the Security Council. Although I didn’t fare too well, I was happy to hear my fellow members of the delegation performed very well.
The second day was the game changer, this was when a considerable portion of debating occurred and delegates got to work to form blocs and write up resolutions. I managed to reverse the previous day’s misfortunes and I got off to a good start. Committee session was hectic and frenzied but it was very productive and a truly enjoyable experience. I ended the day on a high as I was satisfied by my progress and effort.

The third and final day was devoted to finishing and passing resolutions, our council managed to pass two resolutions unanimously – the first Security Council in ten years of the BMUN conference to do so.
Soon after, we were seated for the awards ceremony waiting for the respective awards to be announced. Much to our joy, the Inventure delegation ended up winning several awards in the conference and we were extremely happy to have accomplished this wonderful task. Personally the fact that I managed to achieve my goal of getting an award was heartening for me. Overall BMUN 2014 was an interesting and enjoyable experience for every delegate and for me it was an invaluable learning experience that I will always remember.
– Arincheyan G, 11AS

Bangalore Model United Nations conference awards:

Siddharth, 12 ISC  won Commendable Delegate
Aahika, 11 AS won Commendable Delegate
Arin, 11AS won  Best Position Paper
Rhea, 9 IC won Best Position paper.