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Inventure Academy Round Square Youth Parliament 2018

Inventure Academy Round Square Youth Parliament 2018


In keeping with Inventure Academy’s philosophy for every student to be ‘socially responsible’ (part of our Core Purpose) and ‘be prepared for life’ (part of our Vision), and the Round Square IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, Service), the Inventure Academy Round Square Youth Parliament 2018 is a platform for our youth to begin their changemaking journey. This Parliament was held from 15-19 August and was attended by high school students from across India.


Nooraine Fazal

Founding CEO & Managing Trustee, Inventure Academy, flagged off the conference with an empowering speech on the importance of being a changemaker.

Prof. M V Rajeev Gowda

Rajya Sabha Member & National Spokesperson – Indian National Congress, gave us an eye opening speech on why the youth should get involved in politics and how today’s digital natives would have a better perspective on areas such as cyber safety.

Dr. Sumer Singh

Former head of Daly College, spoke on the importance of the change that schools like Inventure Academy are bringing to the education system and how this has increased the exposure and opportunities for students.


Aniruddha Bahal

Founder & Editor-in-chief,, spoke on how anyone who consumes media is part of the civil society and how dissent is essential to a civil society.

Rohan Joshi

Former Associate Director of Research at Centre for Civil Society, discussed the Right to Education Act at length with the students. He also touched upon the physical and social deterrents that prevent less privileged children from receiving education.

Prof. M D Nalapat

UNESCO Peace Chair and prominent Indian academician & columnist, spoke on the role of media as an organ that cleanses and purifies the government system.

Meera K

Co-Founder of Citizen Matters, an award winning digital news media, spoke to the students about how change takes place through a series of small steps.

Rakshit Tandon

Cyber Security Expert & Consultant, Internet and Mobile Association of India, conducted a special session on cyber security that was insightful and very relevant to today’s youth, who are exposed to such risks on the internet.

Zibi Jamal

PR Consultant, conducted a workshop on the responsible use of social media, which put the audience in an introspective mood.

Ajit Iyer

India Leadership Team at Mu Sigma, conducted a workshop on the art of problem solving through data analytics, which served as a very relevant session for participants and audience alike.

Sumedha Godkhindi

Leader of Whitefield Ready – a volunteer group that works with 6 government schools in the Whitefield area, spoke about their group’s journey and their collaboration with government authorities in the Education Department, NGOs and Social Enterprises.

Gopalan Balagopal

UNICEF Senior Advisor & Former Country Representative for North Korea, spoke to students of Grades 10 to 12 about the vulnerability of children in conflict zones and the impact on the healthy development of youth.

Divya Balagopal

Co-Founder & Senior Partner at Mundkur Law Partners, addressed the student core committee on the impact of international laws and their trickle-down effect on a country.

Nupur Basu

Independent journalist, Former Senior Editor of New Delhi Television (NDTV) and award winning documentary filmmaker, held a special screening of her documentary, ‘Velvet Revolution’. She also spoke to the students about media’s role as the fourth pillar of democracy.

Vihari Komaragiri

Product Design & Process Experience Expert, led the changemaker workshop which blended well with the broader theme of change and its application in today’s wider world scenarios.


Participating students made significant contributions through…


Delegates of the Model United Nations General Assembly discussed the status of Cyber Safety and Child Protection in their assigned countries, and drafted a resolution on their recommended changes.


Members of the Model Lok Sabha worked towards drafting and implementing appropriate policies and legal frameworks to ensure child protection and safety online in India.


Members of the Model International Press Corps took on the roles of journalists from various media across the globe, covering and updating on proceedings of the conference and the various committees.


Delegates of the Model UNESCO discussed methods to ensure the implementation and achievement of Sustainable Development Goal Number 4 that aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and provide lifelong learning opportunities for all.


Members of the Model Rajya Sabha worked towards drafting and implementing appropriate policies and frameworks to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and provide lifelong learning opportunities for all Indians.


Members of the Civil Society Changemakers participated in the Changemaker Session and ensured that the voice of the people was heard and acted upon.


164 students from eight schools across India participated in this event. Students from Dhirubhai Ambani International School (Mumbai), Mayo College Girls School (Ajmer), Pathway World School (Aravali), Punjab Public School (Nabha), Sarla Birla Academy (Bangalore), Singapore International School (Mumbai), Sunbeam School (Varanasi) and Parikrma Centre for Learning (Bangalore), along with the host school, Inventure Academy, took part in the 5-day event.


The conference also included a dance performance by the students of Inventure Academy, an improv comedy session, a few sporting and art based activities and a DJ night on the final day of the event.

On the final day of the conference, delegates presented their recommendations to further strengthen and implement policies and laws related to inclusive and equitable quality education, and child protection and safety online in their respective committees.


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