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Inventure Academy takes Students for the Critically-Acclaimed Movie ‘Poorna’

Inventure Academy, as a renowned international school, believes in the empowerment of children and ensures that unique techniques are utilised to widen the knowledge of the students.

Recently the students from grade 6-12 were taken to watch the acclaimed hindi movie ‘Poorna’ at Phoenix Mall, Bangalore. The entire event was an enriching experience for all the students where they were given a chance to learn about Malavath Poorna, an Adivasi from Telangana, who in the year 2014, at a tender age of 13, became the youngest girl in history to climb Mount Everest. The children were indeed overwhelmed by the intensity of the story and gave a standing ovation at the end of the movie. Excerpts from some of the students were:

Sanchi Kapadia from 11AS says “ The movie was very inspiring and motivating. It made me feel that I can achieve much more in life” Another student, Mansha Bhasin from Grade 6 says, ‘I was amazed that a young girl had accomplished such a great task. Everyone has the potential in them to do good things.”

Inventure Academy strongly believes in reaching out to the community and took this opportunity to sponsor the screening of the movie for 800 children of the Parikrma Foundation This was planned to give them an understanding of success & learning with a visual aid like films.

Anusha from Grade 9 Parikrma, Nandini Layout says, “Rich or poor, opportunities don’t discriminate. It’s the capability in us that matters.” Another student, Varalakshmi, Parikrma Junior College, “Never give up, even if the problems/difficulties seem to stop or break us.”

The Inventure staff who accompanied the children for the film said, “Poorna was an inspirational movie and made me feel very proud of this young 13 year old, who proved beyond doubt that human endurance, in the face of adversity, can be achieved in all walks of life. The casting was superb as the characters fitted their role and played the same effortlessly. Our students enjoyed the outing and the experience. There was silence throughout the movie – both before and post interval which showed me that they were absorbing every scene and the various nuances portrayed by the actors. Once Poorna made her climb one of the students yelled out ‘I love you Poorna’.”

As they say, visual learning helps children to imbibe immense knowledge. This movie encapsulates all the lessons that are taught in school: empowerment of the socially marginalized, gender equality, the importance of education, and last but not least how with courage, determination, and hard work, a child can achieve anything; there is nothing stopping them.