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Inventure Production 2013-The Music Sector

Being a part of the music sector of the Production is so much fun! From learning a new song, to discussing costumes and positions on stage – there never ceases to be excitement amongst the choir and band members!

More than 50 members strong, practices can get chaotic. There are times when everyone is tired, or sleepy, there are times when the coordination between the choir and band just isn’t working out, there are times when the chattering becomes deafening. Amidst all of it, we’ve been able to get quite a lot of practice done.

The songs that we are performing have an astounding variety, ranging from “Groovy and I Know It” by LMFAO to “Frozen” (Madonna) to “Kung-Fu Fighting”, allowing for each and every member to be able to perform songs from their own favourite genres.

While it is true that we have a lot left to polish, I believe that we’ve come a long way, considering the fact that we’re doing more than 15 songs! It is noteworthy, that even the youngest members of our choir, i.e., Grade 6, have been extremely cooperative, even during practice of songs that they’re not fond of. It’s great to see band members from senior and middle school bonding over solo pieces and guitar riffs, and choir members from all grades talking in between songs (even though they’re supposed to be quiet).

The teachers that have been helping out are greatly appreciated too. Not only the music teachers (that goes without saying), but even the subject teachers who sit in the audience and excitedly critique during our practices.

At the end of the day, the music sector is filled to the brim with talented, eager Inventurers, and after all this hard work and dedication, we just can’t wait to finally perform!

Niketa Nerurkar

11 AS