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Inventure Production 2015

It’s that time of the year again!

We are very proud to bring you the Inventure Production 2015 – ‘Beyond the Bubble’ by Ram Ganesh Kamatham at MLR Convention Centre, Whitefield on 4 and 5 September.

An exciting and inspiring tale of investigation and introspection, this play brings to the stage a unique depiction and representation of our world as we know it, and our world as it could be, years from now.
Embarking on a journey are four young monks, Siddhartha, Ibin, Sue and Gaya, far from the future, struggling in a quest to find themselves, and to find answers. Between terror striking their bubble of reality and having no clue what the Earth beyond embodies, they are left to venture down a path that explores gender inequality, awareness of society, impact of disaster around the world and the effect of advancing technology in our time and age, whilst encompassing selflessness, teamwork and inquisitiveness.
The students of Inventure Academy have spent countless hours of endless days designing costumes, creating sets, props, accessories, writing their own music and even fabricating their own video projections! Watch as the engaging characters unravel a passage of phenomenal humour, dance and song as they traverse through time and space, to discover what really lays, “Beyond the Bubble”.

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