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Inventure Sports Fest 2015 is off to a fantastic start this morning!

Tennis Champion, Zeeshan Ali (ZATA@Inventure Academy) opened the ISF with a successful first basketball shot of the day, followed with a motivational speech by our Co Founder & Managing Trustee, Nooraine Fazal.  And the games began!

First matches this morning were:
Basketball – Oakridge vs. Inventure
Cricket – Oakridge vs. Inventure
Tennis – DPS East, Greenwood, and Inventure
Soccer – Greenwood vs. Parikrama
Table Tennis – Inventure vs Greenwood, and DPS East vs. Inventure

Here’s a few photo highlights of our Opening and Warm-ups, including some basketball warm-ups with Nooraine Fazal, Zeeshan Ali and Ramesh Hariharan: