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Inventure Team Finalists @ Wharton School of Investment Competition

Alchemists, one of 12 finalists in the Wharton School of Investment competition!

The Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS) Investment Competition is an online investment simulation for high school students. Students learn about teamwork, communication, risk, diversification, company analysis, industry analysis and investing through this competition.

Each competing team is responsible for managing a portfolio of $100,000 in virtual cash using Wharton’s OTIS online trading system and is asked to develop an investment strategy. Students had to present a brief mid-project team review and a more comprehensive final policy. The duration of the competition was 10 weeks and the teams were ultimately judged by how well they develop and articulate their investment strategies, not on the percentage gains of their portfolios.

Inventure team “ALCHEMISTS” had 5 members across grades 9 to 11 participating in this project. They chose Boeing as their case study as they were asked to chose a company which is a part of our portfolio and justifies its fit to the overall investment strategy.

Out of the 200 teams that had registered, 12 finalists were selected over a period of four months, who presented their investment strategies at the One Globe Forum to a jury of senior members of leading investment companies.

Overall it was a thrilling experience for the students who had learnt something outside their course curriculum but mirrored the real world complexities of our financial markets.