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Inventurers show their gratitude to Traffic Cops

If you have dared to step out on Bangalore roads recently, you would have noticed that they are nothing less than war zones with vehicles, of all shapes and sizes and varying speeds, zipping around with complete abandon. Amidst this chaos, it is likely that you would have also spotted lone warriors – our traffic constables, navigating and managing the traffic menace while battling waves of dust, heat and rain. The toll this amount of pollution is taking on their health is unimaginable!
In keeping with Inventure Academy’s core values to make our students conscientious citizens, both at the local and global level, students from grade 7 embarked on a trail to meet the ‘Brave Souls of Traffic Police’ on Thursday 17th December 2015. As a part of this trail, students travelled on the Varthur – Whitefield stretch on the school bus along with the grade teachers and felicitated all the traffic cops they met on the way with anti-pollution masks as a mark of our gratitude.
Here is a sneak peek into how the day progressed for our Inventurers.
During the pollution mask drive the students gave away 15 masks along the Varthur kodi – Whitefield police station.
The school bus driver volunteered to fill up pot holes on the way along with police…..worth mentioning here that each of the Police personnel had genuine smiles when they met the students and learned of their intention to show gratitude.
Last stop was the White field police station.
Manju and Vidya the Traffic wardens went out of their way to coordinate and co-operate. Mr. Samuel Henry was in touch with the students and the bus throughout the trail.
Everyone had a very rewarding day!

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