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“Inventuring” at INVENTURE Academy

Building with Bamboo

Inventure Academy has always prided itself on being “a different school of thought.” Rather than having new students face the usual few awkward days at the start of school and returning students jumping back headlong into the usual routine, a fun-filled week of learning activities was planned, aimed at creating bonds between new students, returning students and faculty.

The week of June 4 to 8 saw the campus buzzing with activity as students participated with unconcealed glee in INVENTURING – the unique orientation/foundation programme at Inventure Academy. New students were at first perplexed by the lack of books, structured classes and uniforms; surely, that’s what an orientation week at school is all about? Inventure believes that its unconventional first week approach sets the key note and ground expectations about what learning is: a hands on, experiential activity – based process. The idea is to get students to THINK – to brainstorm, utilise creativity, and work successfully and harmoniously in groups, to bond with each other, the faculty and nature in the process. This may seem a tall order, but a carefully planned and implemented programme by our faculty, successfully achieves this year after year.

Inventuring consisted of different activities such as Project Time, Choice Time (which included pot painting, dance, brain gym, etc.).

Inventurers were introduced to some Indian and international sports as well, during their Sports Time (Kabbadi was a hot favourite). At the end of each day, the programme was wrapped-up with “Golden Time”, during which the grade teacher briefed students about the Inventure culture and also got their students to reflect on their achievements and hurdles on a day to day basis.

On Day One of Inventuring, the students formed their project groups and discussed the projects that they were about to embark on. They started collecting the resources for the project and started working on their plan of action. On Day Two and Three, the groups started working on their projects. At the end of Day Three, the groups were asked to review their project completion reports and were told to complete their projects by Day Five, to be followed by presentations during the culmination of Inventuring – “The Sleepover.”
Age appropriate projects were designed for different grades. The first and the second graders made big models of a dragon, rocket and astronaut, using waste materials like cartons, egg cases, toilet rolls, etc. Another group worked on a kitchen garden. This group also went to the nearby nursery to learn the process of planting and subsequent plant care. The third, fourth and the fifth graders built a mud house and a tree house. Some children block printed curtains for their classrooms, while another group performed a street play on the theme of environmental awareness. The street play enabled the students to communicate their message on environmental awareness through the medium of drama during the community outreach programme. Another team made display boards and some charts for the community outreach programme. The “Back to the Future” team worked on age old methods and appropriate technology used by man to improve conditions around his home. One team had to cancel their sports shed project due to some logistical difficulties and instead came out to paint the roundabout with “Warli art.” The Seniors worked seamlessly as a team, to bring in a face lift to their block by painting murals, constructing stone benches and spray painting them, while creating a green corner, for plants, birds and butterflies.

Last but not least, the much awaited sleep – over was the icing on the cake, where the kids got to stay in school and danced away to glory till the lights finally went off.

In essence, the very first week of the term, started off with fun, exploration, participation and understanding – all important ingredients of learning at Inventure Academy.

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By: Shakunthala Bhandarkar                                   Preet Benjamin Aarons
Beyond Academics Coordinator                              Head of Primary School