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ISIS Debate at Inventure Academy- Students take a stand!

The panel discussion was to help students identify the contemporary issues that are threatening world peace today. The debate brought out the challenges faced by secular forces by all communities.
Message from Uttam Sen re ISIS Debate:
It was a privilege to participate at Inventure Academy’s discussion on Saturday. For me the occasion turned out to be an alibi for plumbing high school minds. In all honesty they sized up a convoluted situation better than most, including myself, given that ISIS was not exactly a routine subject for an electronically-oriented generation. The amazing thing was that they touched on all the vital aspects at very short notice. If the NET happened to be an important resource, it also goes to show how cyberspace can be discriminately exploited. They brought to mind the global computer network’s promise as an inter–disciplinary endeavour (which was reflected in the visiting Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s revelation on his company’s multi-disciplinary recruitment patterns!) After getting the crux, examining and discussing opposing ideas to find the truth is a time-tested method of learning. Teachers and moderators can be great facilitators, as they were on the event. So were your indefatigable Masters of Ceremonies. As one of your guests I found the experience enjoyable and a sign of things to come.
Uttam Sen