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Kashmir Relief Fundraiser a SUCCESS

Today Inventure Academy sent the demand drafts worth Rs 2,24,000/- (Two lakh twenty four thousand) from the fundraiser conducted at Inventure Academy for Kashmir Relief. Inventure Academy believes in encouraging sensitivity in its student community so that they can make a difference in the world they live in. The entire Inventure Academy community – students, parents, faculty and management – have proactively contributed towards this cause. We sincerely hope this enables AMAN Trust to further the great work they are doing in Kashmir.

It is heartening to see how the volunteers of AMAN Trust are helping the flood affected people of Kashmir rebuild their lives. We appreciate the dedication and commitment of the people of this organization who are helping those affected in the floods. It’s wonderful to know that the funds received are being utilized for medical camps, community kitchens, quilts, hygiene kits and basic necessities of the people suffering.

We wish AMAN Trust all the best in all their future undertakings.