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Kaushik Kunal Singh (Grade 11) and Sahithi Pingali (Class of 2018) panelists at Zinnov Confluence 2018!

A technology thought leadership summit, Confluence has become synonymous with change in the Global R&D and Product Development space.

The 11th edition of the Zinnov Confluence held on 20 & 21 June at Taj Yeshwantpur had Inventurers Kunal and Sahithi exchanging views with other esteemed panelists on the topic: Millennial Dollar Baby : Investing in the Workforce of the Future. The other panelists who were part of this discussion were: Pankaj Narulla, Senior Vice President, Managed Services, Broadridge Financial Solutions (India) Private Limited; Vasanthi Srinivasan, Professor, IIMB;V. Chandramouliswaran, Senior Director of Enterprise Data Services teams and Site Lead, Paypal Chennai.

Replying to questions addressed to them, Sahithi spoke about how she considers today’s generation to be multi dimensional; who enjoy doing a variety of things and are constantly attracted to new challenges. While Kunal spoke about the importance of finding a job which is open and allows one to explore. For more on their interesting discussion watch the video and read about Kunal’s experience below!

Kaushik Kunal Singh

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the Zinnov Confluence 2018 on the topic ‘Millennial Dollar Baby: Investing in the Workforce of the Future’. The conference provided insights about how organisations should prepare themselves for the next generation workforce, which I was representing. Throughout the discussion, I gave the audience a candid and honest perspective of what youngsters like me would expect from employers.

I was joined in the panel by Prof. Vasanthi Srinivasan from IIM; Pankaj Narulla, Sr. VP from Broadridge Financials; V.Chandramouliswaran, Sr. Director at PayPal; and my fellow senior, Sahiti Pingali. Together we covered how employers must account for changes in the next generation workforce, our mindset, skills, needs and expectations.I think one major revelation for us was that we youngsters are downright eager to make a difference, but ONLY after we understand its impact in the bigger picture. Sahiti and I also had an opportunity to voice our take on major forces like education and technology, and how we used them as resources to innovate and solve real-world issues at a young age.

Overall, the conference proved to be very fun and enlightening for everyone. It was striking listening to the other panellists, and there were plenty of surprises for both the older generation and us millennials. But one thing was for sure, the future of employment has MANY unanswered questions. And the only certainty is change!