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Kunal wins the Gold Medal at the Indian National Science and Engineering Fair (INSEF) Bangalore Regionals!

Kaushik Kunal Singh of Grade 10, won a Gold medal at the INSEF Bangalore Regionals for his project ‘The Plant Doctor: An Artificial Intelligence Based Collaborative Platform for Plant Disease Identification and Tracking’. Congratulations Kaushik, for this fantastic achievement!

Kunal Wins Gold Medal

His Project:

Plant disease control is essential for healthy and reliable food production, preservation of natural resources and economic well-being of farmers. For instant identification of plant diseases and deficiencies, we introduce ‘The Plant Doctor’, a mobile app for farmers that uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to diagnose foliar symptoms. It also tracks outbreaks using disease density maps, with a simple intuitive interface for the common user. The Plant Doctor uses cloud-based Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), a deep learning model that has recently achieved great performance in image recognition. Images of plants are captured and uploaded by users and are immediately diagnosed. To progressively improve diagnosis accuracy, user uploaded images are continually added to the training dataset of the CNN, creating a social collaborative platform for farmers. The disease density maps are rendered from the cumulative knowledge of diseases and their occurrence location.

Indian National Science and Engineering Fair.

Ms Payal Sharma, Inventure faculty and his guide says, “Kunal is a self motivated child, who with a little guidance has the potential to make this society a better place to live. A child who takes feedback positively and doesn’t shy away from making the most of all available resources. Inventure Academy provides a great platform for such kids who are the true Changemakers of the future!”