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Our Lakes, Our Voice

Inventure Academy in collaboration with American India Foundation Youth Ambassador Program flagged off its new initiative for 2015 – ‘Our Lakes, Our Voice’ on 01 July.

Together with KK English School, Meghshala, Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF), Srishti School of Art, Technology & Design and Whitefield Rising, Inventure Academy strives to present opportunities to the students to become socially responsible citizens, with a voice to recommend and make changes in the world around them.

This initiative focuses on using Varthur Lake, a 450-acre water body in the vicinity as a case study to understand the impact of human development on the natural environment, with regard to water as a scarce resource.

On Day 1 after their visit to Varthur Lake the children returned to school, and translated their findings and observations in great and minute detail with the help of transect maps and notes. Using participatory analysis tools of YES/BUT, YES/ AND, the students pushed the conversation forward to finally come up with the 10 thick questions to discuss with the stakeholders at the mock MUN.

On Day 2 the Model Assembly with the stakeholders and the partners, American India Foundation, KK English School, Meghshala, Srishti, and Namma Bengaluru Foundation was a success with many strong points coming out of the discussions for over an hour. The Outcomes of the event will include a resolution on defining roles for stakeholders (including students) in conserving water, design challenges and project initiatives, culminating in a ‘Kere Habba’ organized by Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF) next year.

Check out the pics on the links given below:

Day 1:

Day 2: