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Lalitha Pingali’s project shortlisted at the Initiative for Research & Innovation in Science (IRIS) National Science Fair 2017!

After Sahithi blazed the path last year, Lalitha Pingali has been shortlisted for her project ‘Stink Map: Monitoring Environmental Pollution by Detecting and Classifying Odors using a Simple and Easy-to-use Mobile Probe’ at the IRIS National Science Fair 2017 being held at New Delhi.

Lalitha Pingali

This system produces a first-of-its-kind interactive stink map of any geographical area that can be used by anyone to understand the stink level of their own environment or any place they plan to visit. The system predicts the human-perceived stink in an area using machine learning on sensor data about 8+ gases. It classifies the stink in the air into five categories from ‘not stinky’ to ‘unbearable’.