INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

Leading the Team

“I will do all that I can, In every way I can.”

This is the promise we, the newly elected student council, made last Friday during our Investiture ceremony. We’d spent hours the previous day perfecting the oath, making sure we said it with the right amount of pride and confidence. The task was a drag; all of us repeated the oath over and over again, getting annoyed by the words, yet never really fully understanding what we were saying. But it all makes sense now. The idea that we, the council, were to represent all that the Inventure stands for didn’t strike at all initially; At least not until we were called up onto that stage, one by one, were handed our badges, and requested to repeat the pledge that would bind us to the school’s core values till day we graduate.

Anxious and excited

There’s no way of putting into exact words what was going through my mind as I waited to be sworn in. It wasn’t nervousness, nor was it a complete sense of excitement. At that moment I was unsure of what I should feel. The ceremony started, and they called upon stage the school choir to sing to us something that would set the mood for the rest of the event. Since the choir opened nearly every school function, this was no different to me. They sang for us ‘River of Dreams’ by Billy Joel, a song I’ve known since my childhood. I always thought it had a catchy tune, but I never paid close attention to the lyrics and how it could signify aspects of my life. Now it signifies to me just what challenges we might face as student leaders. The performance blew me away, but at the same time it got me thinking about what we’ll be facing on a day-to-day basis.

A solemn occasion

With newly formed thoughts floating around my head, they requested on stage our chief guest, Justice Santosh Hegde, a former Lokayukta. He gave us a few words about corruption in India, and the types of  leaders we’ve had as a country. At first everything he said seemed irrelevant to the Investiture ceremony. Why would anyone care about the problems in our government, or the problem with our politicians? Yes, these were important issues, but completely unrelated to the agenda of the ceremony. Or so I thought! The more he talked about it, the more it made sense to me that he was trying to convey to us what type of leaders we should be and what type of citizens we should be; how we should not only contribute to our Inventure community but our wider community as well. By the end of his speech I had a greater understanding within me; An understanding of how important it is to be an honest and unassuming leader, one that takes their job seriously and always puts their community before themselves. Where I previously had questions nagging my mind, a sense of knowing took its place. I was now more ready to face my responsibilities to come.

Radhika Malviya                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Vice captain,Venturer

We shall overcome…..

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