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Letter to Honourable Chief Justice of India

Dear Honorable Chief Justice,

I am from Bangalore in a school called Inventure Academy, in 5th grade. Right now we are learning about the constitution and I heard from my parents who are lawyers about “if privacy is a fundamental right or not” and I have 5 reasons why it is not only a fundamental right but a human right too

Reason 1: -we should all have the FREEDOM of privacy.

Reason 2: -it will affect us in the future.

Reason 3: -as it says in the preamble we all have our RIGHTS and FREEDOM I think this is our Main right.

Reason 4: -as it says in the Leila Seth book “we are the children of India” we have the right to live without fear but we will have fear of people finding out our identity, stalking us even maybe have the fear of people finding out our deepest secrets.

Reason 5: -we should all have our boundaries and we should all have our rights to believe that nobody will know about any of your secrets

Those were my 5 reasons. I hope you understand what I am trying to say

Thank you
Ameya Meera Mundkur
Inventure Academy