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Library Week – 4th to 8th Feb 2013

The Inventure Academy Library organized a Library Week from 4th to 8th February 2013. The main aim was to promote the school library, which has been thoroughly re-organized and encourage students to use the facility more often. New furniture has been ordered and the school library now wears a more cheerful and colorful look.

Library Week had a Display of posters covering various aspects of a library and books in general, featuring some of the following: Famous Libraries of the World, Ancient Libraries of India and Posters on children’s authors, posters on reading and what libraries and librarians do. New books were displayed on the new Book Display Rack; also Teachers’ resources on Reading and Writing.

However, the most interesting part was the students’ activities. They were done class-wise in the library period for Grades 1 to 7. We made sure that the activities were catchy and interesting to the students.

Grades 1 and 2 did ‘Tell-a-Story’.  Students were encouraged to come up with a spot story. We ensured that the story be short and sweet so as to give an opportunity to as many as possible. We were amazed by the students’ confidence and the ethusiastic participation. Some were so interested that they wanted to tell their story every library period! We were amazed by stories like The Super Twins and the Greedy Book Worm by Diya of II B, Blue Dinosaurs by Shreya of  II B, Bajaj Bike by Harshveer of I C and Foolish Lion by Siddarth of I B. Incidentally, there were a lot of ‘lion stories’ – we guess it is part of their coursework or perhaps the animal has ingrained itself on their ‘little minds’!

For the Grades 3 and 4, it was ‘My Picture Story’. Each student received a picture and had to weave a story around it. The stories touched our hearts – Eskimo by Sammyo, The Magic IPhone 5 by Arushi, The Magic Plant by Ashna, The Old Man and the Wooden Toy by Siddarth, Sufall’s Phone by Anjali, Forgive and Forget by Divya, Plants are important by Hansika, Titanic Repeated and The Times in 1973 etc…

Make a Bookmark (on your Favorite Character)’ was the activity for Grade 5. The moment we announced the activity all were so excited and they enjoyed drawing and writing on the little bookmark shapes distributed to them. It was very colorful. The final products were all stringed and put up on the Primary Library Notice Board.

The activity for the grade 6 was ‘Write a story’. The story should be related to the Library. When a few kids had trouble thinking up a theme we told them to write on The Ghost in the Library.  Sriya’s was fantastic; Monkey in the Library by Roshini, The Cat Who Read by Inika and A Zoo in the Library by Roshini were just great. We enjoyed reading the works of these future authors and have provided some for your benefit.

Poster on Last Book I read/ Library” was the activity for Grade 7. The students were provided materials as for the others.

The five days just flew by and the next week arrived. Many students came up to us with, ‘Ma’am can we continue with the Library Week’. It was gratifying to say the least. We librarians enjoyed it.

We’d like to thank the volunteers who helped prepare the posters and the admin which happily gave us all that extra material. Thanks to everyone who participated, helping to make the Inventure Library a more fun place.

By Anupa Roy & Tenzin

Inventure Academy Library