Co- Curricular Activities – Sports

We equip our learners with a whole medley of tools to build on their strengths and be the best they can to manage the challenges of the outside world. Sports is one of the most fun, joyous and effective of these tools. It teaches children to respect their bodies, make decisions, be positive and work with others. We know that the healthy, physically active learner is more likely to be academically motivated, balanced, alert, and successful. So a daily dose of sports is compulsory for all our learners upto Grade 4. Grades 5 & 6 have four periods per week and Grades 7 to 12 have 3 sports periods per week. Children must put back their own equipment, inculcating responsibility and discipline. Being ‘prepared for life’ is part of our vision; and our comprehensive and outstanding sports programme, taught by a highly qualified Sports Department, (supplemented by sports equipment, fields and spaces that are superlative in quality and quantity), incorporates global best practices.

Our sports programme is structured like this:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 4: Exploring and discovering basic locomotor movement skills, gross movement patterns, and the fundamental skills of team and individual sports. Also, sports day activities for kindergarten.
  • Middle School: Building upon fundamental skills and learning sports and rules.
  • High School: Learning strategies and skills for competitive play. Specializing in at least 2 sports which learners can play competitively

There is also an After School Sports programme which runs through the week.

Sports Offered:
  •  Athletics (Track and Field)
  •  Basketball
  •  Cricket
  •  Football
  •  Table Tennis
  •  Tennis
  •  Swimming
  •  Ultimate Frisbee

The sports facilities on our campus are superlative. We have

  •  Six Tennis Courts (4 clay + 2 hard courts)
  •  Three Basketball Courts
  •  Table Tennis tables
  •  Cricket pitch + practice nets
  •  Artificial Soccer turf
  •  Athletics track
  •  A large Sand Pit play area
  •  Swimming pool
  •  Gym
  •  Adventure (obstacle) Course, including a climbing wall.

Striving for the highest standards we partner with the world class tennis coaching facility, ZATA, headed by former Indian Davis Cup champion and the current Indian coach, Zeeshan Ali. ZATA@Inventure is prepares our young tennis enthusiasts for competitive play beyond school and inter-school tournaments.

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