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Little Learners Club LL

Little Learners Club is a library and activity centre for kids of a residential complex. Currently it is situated at our complex in Whitefield.
My brother and I were members of a library – Just Books in Whitefield. We couldn’t go ourselves to borrow books on our own. We always had to depend on our parent. Sometimes, they were busy when we wanted to go. We found out that our friends in the residential complex are also facing the same problem. I thought of a solution to have a library within our complex where our friends can borrow books and toys. We started with sharing our own 150 books. My parents helped us in arranging some furniture.
Now we have more than 300 books and 50 toys. More than 20 friends living in our complex are members. They pay a monthly fee of Rs 100 each. Members borrow books, toys and participate in fortnightly creative activity sessions. Till date we have done 20 such activities. We organized a summer camp in May last year. On January 14, 2012, LL celebrated its first birthday.

We made a list of books and toys and categorised them. We prepared and printed brochures and distributed them among our friends. We took the parent email id to communicate. We also partnered with Hippocampus which delivers 20 books every month. The Club now provides home delivery service also. Once in every 3 months we buy new books with the money earned.
During this interesting journey, I learned –
• How to start and manage a library.
• How to categorise books
• How to maintain record of members
• How to keep record of the members’ fee.
• How to get back books and toys.
• How to remind members to pay the fee.
• How to reward the most regular member.
Our future plan is to partner with few friends to start Little Learners in their respective residential complexes. If you are interested please contact us at
Bandana Bajaj,
Grade 3C