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So much and more
is there for us.
So much dirt in our hands
under our feet. Is there any help?

So many stars in the sky
making night bright.
Out of reach, too far.
Can we go? Can we talk?

Salt water, fresh water,
all for us.
Cooling, refreshing, quenching,
too little or too much?

Fire- warming.
Lightening- brightening.
Our portable star
worth nothing and everything in the end.

All nothing. Life takes life away.

Humans are also
We just don’t see.

God’s gift? It has no value.
Life goes on and ends not when it should,
but when it would.

Gold piled high, jewels,
pumpkin and carrots,
cities, houses,

With the people. I have seen and lived.

It made life.
It made it worthwhile
and it took what it needn’t have.

For everything is nothing,
worth nothing. Because
something worth
took away the rest of
life’s work.
Loss: too much to handle.

And so, I am alone.
May I go to the stars?

Tarang Shah