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Makkala Habba

On Saturday 23rd November 2013 we participated in Makkala Habba at GKHPS Byatarayanapura School which was being organized by Akshara Foundation. We were there as volunteer from Inventure Academy.

There were volunteers from other organization as well. They divided us into different groups and were given the Topic-Transport. We were 4 of us in our group and we were given 6th grade. We played an ice breaking game, sang few songs for them and they repeated after us. Later we divided 33 children into 4 groups, each group made one mode of transport and one group made ancient mode of transport. Later on children spoke about the importance and invention of wheels when the judges came to look at the models. Our group was the winner and the models were taken by Akshara Foundation to display in their office.
We are very thankful to Akshara Foundation and Nooraine Ma’am for giving us an opportunity to participate in this event.
Abha, Namrata