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Malala Yousafzai – A name the world will never forget…

Malala Yousafzai recovering in hospital, surrounded by her family.  Photo – Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham via GETTY

British-based Islamic radicals are preparing to announce a fatwa on Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old girl shot by the Pakistan Taliban, for her role in standing up to extremists.

By Rob Crilly, Islamabad

11:10AM GMT 19 Nov 2012 – The Telegraph

The story of Malala, who is recovering at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, has touched millions of people around the world since she was attacked by a gunman on her way home from school last month.

She had dared to defy the Pakistan Taliban by promoting girls education and by documenting their abuses in a blog written in 2009.

Later this month, hardliners plan to gather at the notorious Red Mosque in Islamabad to denounce her as an apostate, accusing her of turning her back on Islam.

Anjem Choudary, who lives in East London and is one of the founders of al-Muhajiroun, which was banned in 2010, said the conference would announce the fatwa.

Although apostasy carries the death sentence according to Islamic law, he insisted he was not calling for Malalaメs death.


Voices from Inventure


Extremists sometimes have the power to determine an entire nation’s stand on popular issues.  According to me, their strong opposition to women’s right to education comes from deep seated insecurities.  Educating women is synonymous with empowering them to fight against the oppression they face on a daily basis.  That is exactly what Malala did, for which she is now facing the price.  She set an example for other girls to follow.  Malala’s actions are admirable; fighting for women’s education is a noble cause that needs to be further recognized.  Malala’s cause has the power to change the world’s future and by following in her footsteps, we could put an end to this oppression and begin a new era with more educated and empowered women.

Ananya, Grade 9 IGCSE

I feel in order to eradicate gender inequality and discrimination, we must consider the various factors that give rise to this issue in the first place.  One of the clear causes of sender discrimination is extremism.  Why were orders issued to shoot Malala?  Was it because she was identified as a threat to a particular ideology?  The human mind feels secure when it is in total control of its surroundings.  The incessant killing of millions of innocent civilians by warlords, dictators and extremists alike, causes us to wonder if these people are doing these acts of injustice to enforce their own ideology and control over the “weak” or if they are just satisfying their own disturbed minds.  The international community must help countries like Pakistan by increasing the amount of money spent, to assist the development of the country.  We can overcome this problem if countries unite and fight against it.

Arin, Grade 9 IGCSE

Malala’s story is an inspiration to every girl on the planet.  What happened to her is a case of complete injustice.  Extremists were worried that women would rebel against them if they become educated.  Education is essential for women and men alike and Malala has been fighting for equality on this.  Her story is also about so many other girls in other parts of the world who suffer from this kind of horrible injustice.  I admire her courage and intelligence.  She is a girl who has made a big difference to her society and the world.

Meenakshi, Grade 9 IGCSE

In our world today, politics and government mean nothing if an extremist party gets in the way. Extremists can have the power and influence to decide a whole country’s future.  This can cause a lot of problems and issues that citizens are too scared to address.  In my opinion, Malala was absolutely correct in asking for more equality between girls and boys as far as access to education is concerned.  Her brave stand has influenced many and has brought to light a lot of other issues to do with women’s rights.  This is why the Extremists saw her as a threat.  However, in no way is shooting just one girl with her dream, going to stop the fight for women’s right to education.

Prerna, Grade 9

The growth of women’s education in Pakistan is like a seed that is barely allowed to sprout.  Why is it women always have to sacrifice their rights or even career in order to survive in a society? Malala’s brave stand, accompanied by so many risks, is truly commendable.  No one deserves to be shot in the head for standing up for what they believe.  Malala’s story is truly inspirational as it echoes the voices of millions across the globe.

Niveditha, Grade 9