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Middle School Math and Science Exhibition

The Middle School Math and Science exhibition took place on March 7th, 2017, a presentation of the months spent working hard and tirelessly at carefully crafted projects. Students from Grades 6 to 8, chose a few subjects that they wanted to create a project for, and then applied their learning and came up with innovative ideas, based on topics they had covered this year, or a topic that intrigued them.

The students were very enthusiastic and independent. The topics were selected based on what they learnt, says Jyothi Kesavath, Physics teacher.

Tables were set up, and the projects were put on display for students and faculty. The day was filled with curious questions and bright explanations.

Advit Gupta, a student from Grade 8, said, My physics project was based on a phenomenon known as ‘Inertia’. I made a Gyroscope, which required a few attempts. I chose to do a science project because I think it has a lot of possibilities, and is fun to make and watch. I was happy when people showed up and saw my project.

Faculty members who organized the projects and worked with students share their thoughts.

I would have liked if the students got more work time at school, but with the short amount of time they had, they made great projects, said Rupa Debnath, a Chemistry teacher.

Uma Devi, a Math faculty member said,I’m proud of what the children came up with. They made projects that connected to the real world.

The preparation of the exhibition required planning and careful thought.

It was a collaborative effort of all the teachers. We first decided the topics, aligned with the curriculum for each grade, then decided to use the Biology Lab for the display. The results were good, yet I think that if we had more time, the level of student participation and ideas would have been even better, said Sandhya Haridasan, Biology teacher.

Students avidly shared their thoughts on their work, and how they came up with ideas and executed them.

I chose science because to me, it’s the one with the most hands on activity. It’s the most interesting way to learn and I chose it to be able to understand and represent something in a fun way. Also, science has a lot of scope for exploration. I made a Bio Gas plant, and we first talked to our chemistry teacher who helped us a lot. We first researched and then created our model by first sketching it out. I think it turned out well! said Divya Vishwanath, from Grade 8.

Arya Murthy, also a Grade 8 student, adds, When I heard about the math project, I remembered an interesting math concept I’d heard about some time ago called ‘The Golden Ratio’. I decided that I wanted to do learn more about it and share my learning with others, so I teamed up with one of my friends, who was also interested, and we began to discuss. We decided that we should do a sort of TED talk along with a PPT.‬”‬‬

The exhibition was a chance to delve into different realms and ideas, and one that proved to be a good learning experience.

– Mitali Singh, 8IB