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Moving Up Assembly ~Grade 5

On the morning of Mar 30th a 500 strong gathering of Primary students witnessed the Moving Up Assembly at the Primary Amphitheatre. The air was filled with mixed feelings; of sadness at leaving behind your beloved teachers and friends and the excitement of new adventures ahead as ‘grownups’.
Starting with a band from 5 D and a skit with growing up challenges as a theme, the two hour assembly was full of music, dance and more skits by students of the 4 sections. Football fever where the students showcased their skills in the game was much appreciated.
Memories of Grade 5 had humorous and poignant moments as the students went down memory lane and shared their best experiences during the year, while the efforts made towards ‘Adopt a Tiger’ was applauded by one and all.
The concluding dance had the teachers taking the stage together with the students and filled the audience with great cheer and merriment.
Vice Principal for Primary and Kindergarten, Preet Benjamin addressed the students, reminiscing about special moments and students through all of the previous academic year who had seized opportunities and changed the trajectory of their lives. So YOLO or Carpe Diem- it’s all the same: Live in the Moment and make the best of every minute! In the midst of thunderous applause as the speech ended, one could see a few teary eyed parents in the crowd.
The Assembly ended with a Prize Distribution from ZATA.

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