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WE MUN China 2018 – Quotes from Inventure parents, faculty and students

Quotes from Inventure parents, faculty and students on the success of our Inventurers at WE Model United Nations (WEMUN) Expo 2018 in Beijing!

Breaking all records, Inventure Academy has swept the awards at the WE Model United Nations (WEMUN) China Expo 2018, held from 2 to 8 August 2018 for High School students.

Team Inventure bagged 10 out of 12 awards including the most coveted WEMUN award for Best Delegation (#1 team overall), beating reigning champions the All American Team (who have been champions since 2012)! Read below quotes from our Inventure parents, faculty and students!

Mayur Murthy (Financial Consultant), parent of Arya Murthy: “As part of Team Inventure, my son’s experience of being a MUN Delegate and going on to win the Best Delegate and the Best Delegation awards at WEMUN China has been priceless. Competing at an international conference and winning accolades gives every one of these Inventure kids such immense self-confidence in their ability and helps to reinforce their belief that they can compete with any of their peers from around the world. In addition, the sheer knowledge gained from researching the issue at hand and their exposure to people and places from another culture is more than they could ever learn in a classroom setting.

Sejal and Priyesh Mody (Business People), parents of Anirudh Mody: “Inventure Academy truly upholds its motto in preparing our children for life and has a platform for every child. Mentoring them for experiences such as Model UN provides the perfect broad based platform for children to build solid researching capabilities, interact on a global level and experience the much needed “out of comfort zone” environment! Wish we had had these opportunities when we were kids!”

Lucy Joseph, Senior School History Lead & MUN team mentor: “Inventure Academy is known for excellence in both Academics and Beyond Academics. At WEMUN 2018, our champion MUN delegation has showcased for the world the school’s values of passion for excellence, integrity and dynamism through their ability to undertake in-depth research and their knowledge of the key concerns of the world.”

Zabil Noor, Senior School Science Lead & WEMUN team advisor: “Inventure students believe that “they matter” and it is upto them to bring about the change that they want to see in the world. It is this innate belief, team spirit and hard work that led them to the excellence they aimed for at WEMUN Expo 2018.”

Rituparna Dhar, History faculty & MUN team advisor: “It is a proud moment for Inventure on the world stage and I am deeply moved by the students’ conviction, focus & ability to cooperate and work as a team with other international students. A large measure of this success is a result of the culture of open dialogues & interactive classrooms that is encouraged at Inventure.”

Arya Murthy, Grade 10, Best Delegate: WEMUN Expo 2018 (Committee – Historical UNODC): “WEMUN was my first international MUN, and it has been an unforgettable experience. I learnt to work with people from different cultures and develop my critical thinking and negotiating skills. Everyone on the team supported each other through all the work and frustration of committee. By the end of the conference, I felt immensely proud – of my own achievement, and the incredible performance of our entire delegation. I got to meet some amazing people and open my mind to new experiences.”

Kaavya Mundkur, Grade 9, Best Delegate: WEMUN Expo 2018 (Committee – UN4MUN): “WEMUN taught me a lot more than just the the issue in the Central African Republic, the most important being that I should not presume to know how other delegates will be until I actually meet them, as each delegate is unique! My committee focused a lot on consensus and I ended up learning how to negotiate effectively despite language and other cultural barriers.”

Dhruv Iyengar, Grade 9 – Best Delegate: WEMUN Expo 2018 (Council for the European Union): “This was my first international conference and just my second MUN overall. Overall, it was one of the most amazing and best learning experiences of my life. I learnt that diplomacy extends beyond the four walls of committee to all parts of our lives. I met new people from different cultures, and faced new challenges which allowed me to tap into potential I had not previously realised.”

Anjali Agarwal, Grade 12, Honourable Mention: WEMUN Expo 2018 (United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC): “Attending a conference like WEMUN was an enthralling experience for me. It was my first international conference so I was able to meet people from around the globe with different perspectives and approaches to problems. There were many challenges during the conferences because of being in a different country, and I absolutely loved it! I made many new friends from China and was exposed to their different cultures and interests.”