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My adventure

I was traveling on a plane when the pilot announced, “The engine has failed, so everybody please take a parachute and jump down”. I was getting scared but when I saw a small child jump down with his parachute, I thought “If a small child can do it, than why can’t I?” So, I jumped down with parachute from the plane and in minutes, I was on the ground. Wow! It was a place that has not even been discovered!

Every thing over there was so pretty. That place was a “beauty”. I walked around on light green grass. The soft wind was blowing, the trees were swaying from side to side and the birds were chirping. All of a sudden, a rainbow appeared in the sky. I thought, I was dreaming but it was real. I skipped, danced, sang song and ran after butterflies. The butterflies were much prettier than our butterflies.

The flowers were in so many colours. I even made friends with rabbits, a cute little deer and a talking parrot. I was very Surprised there were no humans. Suddenly, I saw my mother’s angry face. “It is getting late for school”. I woke up and told my mother about my dream.
Aditi Varma
Grade 3C