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My first Children’s Day at Inventure Academy!

November 14, 2013 -Children’s Day. My first Children’s Day in India, at Inventure! And probably … the best one yet!

The school was buzzing with excitement, kids wearing casual clothes all curious and eager for what the day would be like….

We started our special day with choosing a game to play in our class. After settling on ‘Dog & the Bone’, we played one fun-filled round of it – Boys V/S Girls, full of excited cheering and encouragements! I already knew that it would be a magical day! After that, we were told we could go to different classes to play games. So we started with our neighboring class- 5B and made our way to other classes and had an amazing time- laughing so hard I had to hold my sides, smiling- as we played exciting games, and dancing to the latest beats! After an hour or two, we headed back to our classroom for a quick snack. Next, we headed over to Junior Amphitheatre – quickly settling down and now anxious and eager for what would come next. A hush fell over primary school as Sqiggles the Clown came onto stage; his clown looks earning enthusiastic whispers. He taught us a few magic tricks, which we all greatly enjoyed. Thanks to him, the Junior Amphitheatre was full of non- stop giggles!

As we returned to our classes from the assembly, I noticed some kids who were not Inventurians. A friend of mine confirmed that they had come to join us for Children’s Day from the Government Schools. I immediately wanted to show them around! I watched their delighted faces, spread with huge grins as they cheered for their friends and played ‘Dog and The Bone’ –and that made me smile too.During the walk to lunch, a girl who looked to be around twelve years asked me if I would teach her some English. I agreed and we spent lunch together as I taught her simple sentences and how to converse. Her eyes seemed to have a determined glint in them as she tried pronouncing the new words. That was truly an amazing experience for me- passing on, to those less fortunate then us!  I enjoyed spending time with her and the rest of the girls! My head swimming with thoughts about the Government School Girls, I took my place on top of the stony steps looking forward to what was next….

I really didn’t imagine the assembly would be so great! It was filled with spectacular performances!  I could only watch in awe. It had Shikha Ma’am’s short poem about Children’s Day, Mahi Ma’am’s beautiful cover of ‘Taare Zameen Par’, Supriya Ma’am’s energetic Bharatnatyam dance with graceful steps and amazing facial expressions, and a group of teachers’ energetic, and a sensational dance to a remix of ‘ Ragupati Raghav’ and ‘Batameez Dil’! After these rocking performances, the students broke into a huge round of applause!

I really enjoyed this unique way of celebrating Children’s Day! After the student performances, finally came out two huge cakes…as a last treat, to end an amazing day. I’ll never forget this Children’s Day- myfirst -the best one yet. The memory will always stay in my heart. A Big Thank you and three cheers to all our Teachers for making us feel so special and loved.

Hip Hip Hurray!!

Thank you“Inventure Academy” for making it the best day possible!

Mitali Singh- 5C

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