INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: EducationWorld India School Ranking 2018-19 - Ranked #4 in India, Ranked #2 in Karnataka, Ranked #2 in Bengaluru.

My Journey at Inventure Academy

5 years have been a roller coaster ride,
A ride of amazement and pride.

Inventure has made me strong and bold,
it’s got my career a firm hold.
I see these amazing kids every day,

I watch them grow and play.

I know this is the kind of place I want to be every day,
because it makes every day happier than yesterday.

For all the times I stand by my vision,
I had in my colleagues an extremely strong support system.

Five years through and so many to go,

I can see so many memories for which out of count I will go…….
This place is like my second family,
An integral part of my history.
I have transformed and moulded myself towards perfection,
And my work has got me credentials and lots of appreciation.

I take this in awe and humility,
Inventure has made a better person out of me.
I am glad to have made it this far,
because there’s no stopping and the goal to perfection and success seems afar !!!

Ms. Humera

Grade Teacher

1 B