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My Mad Ads Experience

On the 21st of February, I participated in the inter-house Mad Ads competition, which was one of many competitions on Tournament of Minds. Before that day, I had very little knowledge or experience in this particular event. All I knew was that I had to come up with something funny, and well, I had great confidence in my sense of humor before it was actually put to test.

On reaching the venue, I was introduced to my team mates from the Nurturers – Aahika Harlalka, Tanish Kharab and Shraddha Nair. Excited as well as anxious to know our topics, we hastily picked a chit. Our topic was ‘Car without wheels’ and we had 10 minutes to come up with an advertisement and present it to the judges. We decided to base our ad on a car that levitates and we named the car ‘G6’. The name sounded funny and kind of appealing for a product at the time.

The basis of our ad was about a girl (played by me) who drives the G6 and stops at a junction where a bystander (Tanish) who is driving a rather plain car notices the ‘G6’ and starts complimenting it. Shraddha and Aahika enter to the jingle ‘Fly like a G6’ and we begin to list the features of the car- Less Fuel Consumption, Eco Friendly, Low Petrol, etc. Maybe it was because this was the first time I participated in Mad Ads or maybe it’s because my memory capacity is miniscule, but I managed to change Low Petrol to No Money. That is the story of how the ‘G6’ became a free car that levitates!

After we exited the stage, we anxiously waited for the second round to commence. In the second round, we had to base our advertisement on a hypothetical situation assigned to us by the judges. This time, our topic was ‘Selling an Inventure jacket to a Greenwood kid.’ We knew we had to come up with something utterly hilarious and entertaining to win this competition and we only had 5 minutes to prepare. We decided to list out all the things that makes Inventure a prestigious school and how possessing the jacket would immediately boost the Greenwood kid’s status and instantly make him/her ‘cool’. In order to convince this Greenwood kid into buying the jacket, we also used lines like “Do you want to be as athletic as an Inventurer?”, “Do you want to be as smart as an Inventurer?” and “Do you want to be fly like an Inventurer?” I’m still not sure what the last line means and oddly enough, I was the one who said it…

Since this was the last round, we decided to sit back and watch the other advertisements. Some of them were hilarious. The Adventurers danced to “Baby” by Justin Bieber in order to convince a teacher to buy Justin Bieber concert tickets; the Inventors imitated Lavanya ma’am and Lucy ma’am while trying to sell an Accounts textbook to a History teacher!

I think that almost all the advertisements presented were entertaining and innovative. As Paulo Coelho once said, “People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.” Personally, I enjoyed this Mad Ads experience. It gave me an opportunity to think on my feet and to act it all out without hesitation.   This was a very memorable experience and I think that if I am presented with this opportunity again, I will surely try to come up with funnier and more innovative ideas! Till then, I can only cross my fingers and await the Mad Ads results!

Dipannita Mukherjee