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‘My Outbound trip to Coorg’ by Joel Tony

It had been a long journey to Coorg with Preet ma”am, Tenzin ma”am and Arpita ma”am. We had reached just in time for lunch. We ate a yummy lunch of Roti and Palak Paneer. That day we were introduced to our instructors Kalyan, Goldy, Shumon, Prady, Geeta, Tony, Reena and Pasan (Head). We were also introduced to the landlady Jyothi and her dogs Julie, Blacky, Browny and Gunda. My roommates were Benoit (pronounced Benwa), Hasi, Ahaan, Sahil, Manas and Sidharth.

I woke up by my alarm and changed into my jeans and t-shirt. I wore my jacket tied my shoe laces and ran out with Benoit, Hasi and Sahil. Tea had just started. I sipped on my tea while Sahil on milk and Benoit and Hasi on Bourn vita. Soon all my roommates came along. After breakfast we were divided into 4 groups: 1, 2, 3 and 4. 1 and 2 were grouped as and 3 and 4 as “B”. Group A went backpacking (Hiking) and B went Bouldering (Rock climbing). My group went Bouldering (Rock climbing); it was a long walk to the boulder with Kalyan sir, while Tony and Shumon sir who had the equipment reached before we even saw the rock. When we reached the boulder we realised that we couldn”t go Bouldering (Rock climbing) because it was too wet. So we headed back to the camp and stared pulling out leeches (Which Kalyan sir had taught us to do during the walk) and after pulling out 2 leeches from my shoe I pulled my pant a bit up to see if there were any leeches on my socks and I was shocked to see that I had a leech bite on my leg! But I didn”t scream or shout for help which I found very surprising ;-). After every one was leech-free we all sat in a circle and talked about our experiences everyone including our instructors! By the time we finished sharing our experiences it was lunch time. After lunch it was pouring so we spent most of our time in our rooms and we visited our friends” rooms and they visited ours. By dinner time it stopped pouring but it was still drizzling. After dinner we went
back to our rooms and played Cricket Attax, Match Attax and Pokémon. Soon we went to bed.
Arf!Arf! I woke up with the sound of a nearby bark, by the time Benoit (Benwa), Hasi and Sahil woke up. I quickly changed into my blue tracks and tee. We were very early for tea. At tea time we three sipped on our mugs of Bourn vita. After breakfast my group went backpacking (Hiking). When we were in the middle of a sholar patch (Small forest like patches on a hill/mountain) the weather turned bad so we had to come back. On reaching the camp we made our own groups and had a competition on which group could make a mini display shelve using fiberglass pieces with grooves. My group won the 3rd position 😉 (with the help of Benoit. Post the competition we ate our lunch and stayed in our rooms until tea time. After tea we got 4 Chinese yo-yos, 4 glow sticks, 8 hula hoops, 20 rubber balls and 2 cricket bats to play with!!  that night, Tony and Kalyan sir taught us how to use the glow sticks and Shumon sir the Chinese yo-yo. That night we had a campfire and we laughed and talked and laughed and everybody went back happily that night.
“Beep! Beep!” Squeaked my watch in my ear. I woke up at once and Benoit and Hasi woke up by my alarm. I and Hasi got ready before Benoit and we were waiting for him as he quickly got ready. For tea, had tea for a change. After breakfast we went backpacking again. We were determined to climb the highest peak Belarbeta. After reaching the summit there was a whiteout we were in the clouds! On the way back it started to rain and downhill was way worse than we thought! When we came back we were drenched from our heads to our toes! As soon as we reached the camp we had to go to our rooms and change in to dry clothes. I was shocked to see my shoe socks and innerwear were fully drenched. I had also got my 2nd leech bite. After changing we went to have lunch very late! That night we ran early to rooms to pack our bags.
I woke up at six. Changed into my uniform and got ready. I woke up Ahaan, Hasi woke up Siddharth and Sahil woke up Manas. We waited for them to get ready and we took our suitcases and kept them on the tarp.
We had hot chocolate today as well and lots of biscuits including one of my favorite biscuit Hide & Seek. After tea I checked if I had left anything behind and yes a valet bag. “Anything else? No! Great.” Then I put the valet bag into my suitcase and checked if all the pockets were zipped. After breakfast we had a group photo. Then I said goodbye to the landlady and her dogs and thanked the kitchen staff for the lovely food served. Then we all headed home!!

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