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I admire John Lennon. He is my role model for many reasons. There was more to him than his fabulous music and peace movements.

John Lennon was born in England on October 9, 1940, during the time of the 2nd World War. His father had abandoned him, so his mom gave him to his aunt and uncle. He faced rejection head on and lived with it. Not because he was forced to but because he had to and he knew it was best to accept it. Also the times(World War 2) he lived in were hard.  He was an extremely intelligent child bur was miserable because he was un-comfortable with conforming to norms and his teachers. It was for the same reasons Lennon dropped out of the Liverpool college of Art.

Inspire by Rock ‘n’ Roll sensation like Elvis. He started a band with Paul McCartney and George Harrison, back then called the “Quarrymen”. After about 7 years “The Beatles” broke up due to many reasons but their music and legacy still lives on. Lennon started writing songs like “Imagine” and “Sometime in New York City” which spoke about issues like racism and denounces chauvinism. Also songs like “Imagine” and “Give peace a chance” spoke about the ideas of peace, the world being as one without any boundaries such as religion and also love.

He believed in peace, friendship and love. His songs have meaning and they touch your heart. His beliefs were reflected in his songs. Bob Dylan another singer and anti-war activist inspired John to take steps against the Vietnam war. John Lennon along with Yoko Ono(wife) influenced the youth to vote against the Vietnam war.

December 8, 1990 is the saddest day for Lennon’s fans. Mark David Chapman stood outside John’s house in New York. John Lennon was shot in his chest four times while Yoko Ono stood beside him helplessly. Chapman did not resist while being arrested by the police. Lennon was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. This news shocked the world. Thousands of fans camped outside his building and paid tribute to him by playing his songs.

I am inspired by John Lennon for many reasons. He took action again war and racism, and violence. He fought for things that not only I but the world believes in. He wasn’t scared to stand alone for what was right or what he believed in. His is one of the greatest inspirations because it is so meaningful and heartfelt. He wrote music and fought for the world. He remain an artistic inspiration for musicians around the world.

I quote from Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”. John Lennon did exactly that. He chose to make the world a better place. Lennon might be gone but he has left his mark and lives on in the hearts of those who believe and imagine a better world is possible.

Siddarth Saxena

Grade 8 IGCSE