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NuVu-Bangalore Studio 2013

NuVu, in collaboration with Idiom Design and Consulting, is organizing the first edition of the NuVu-Bangalore Studio, 2013 for students, ages 11-18. TheNuVu-Bangalore Studio aims to develop young students’ creativity, innovation skills, and problem solving abilities, while learning new technology skills. Based around the theme of “Flying,” the program runs from April 15 to May 24, 2013 and is divided into three independent Sessions. Each Session includes two-week Studios that are hands-on, project-based and multi-disciplinary. The Studios allow students to explore and invent in collaborative teams, and are inspired by cutting-edge research and inventions from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as the vibrant technology and design industries across India and the United States.
The program will be hosted at Idiom Design, located in Indiranagar. The Idiom studio provides a convenient and central location for students coming from areas around Bangalore, and also offers young students an exciting opportunity to work in a professional design studio environment.
Program Dates: April 15 to May 24, 2013
Students may register for one, two OR three Sessions.
Session 1: April 15-26, 2013
Session 2: April 29-May 10, 2013
Session 3: May 13-24, 2013
For more info, please visit:
If you have questions, please email Saba Ghole ( or Nidhi Jaipuria ( directly.

Excerpt from website:
“During this program, we will be FLYING through a wide array of topics, subjects and places! Students will build autonomous and remote-controlled flying creatures, create short documentaries around flight, design better airports and robotic airplanes, make interactive toys that jump and fly, and create flight-inspired fashion.
In each Studio, students create their own projects and solutions to complex challenges through a process of critical problem solving. Students will be pushed out of their comfort zone, and will stretch their creative limits to come up with something they have never done before. They will be designing, programming and building robots, creating digital stories, designing and fabricating interactive flying elements, and inventing new toys. In every Studio, in a period of two weeks, students will go through the process of learning, conceptualizing, designing, making and continuously remaking their products and projects. They will work in collaborative teams under the guidance of our coaches, who are professional experts and academics at MIT and Harvard.
Intertwined in the Studios, students learn concepts within Math, Science, Computer Programming, Robotics, Digital Arts, Writing, Music and Film. Each two-week Studio culminates in a presentation and review of student projects, thereby developing students’ communication and public presentation skills. The Studios are inspired by cutting-edge research and inventions from MIT as well as the vibrant technology and design industries.”