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On International Tiger Day


A swamp of still silvery waters
A dense forest of mangrove trees
Peeking through the branches, a pair of gleaming eyes
Sure to make even the toughest heart freeze

She pulls out her slender body
Showing off her flaming pelt
Beautifully streaked with jet black
Her fur is soft as felt

Her stomach growls with hunger
A sudden yearning for food
As it creeps up all around her
It completely alters her mood

She growls very softly
And sniffs it right away
Amongst the countless forest scents
She picks the one belonging to her prey

She puts one paw forward
Cautiously first and then starts to race
Savoring the now familiar
Wild forest wind in her face

She leaps at the Doe
Ripping its hide with her claws
Then devours it with relish
Using her powerful jaws

As she makes her way to the shore
She gives a cautious sniff
She stops dead in her tracks
Like a statue, ever so stiff

She leaps toward the bushes
So perfectly, as if she’d had a coach
Her sixth sense tells her its a human
The kind that loves to poach

The hunter soon becomes the hunted
Surely that was not how it was meant to be
For fur and pelt and other things
It’s just not right…..can’t you see?

Sadly her kind is in danger
Their future in a grave mess
They need our help badly
What is the magnificent creature…..can you guess?

Pranav Mishra, 6B