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Grade 8 Out bound trip-On the banks of river Tons

Outdoor… ready for some fun.

Inme Camp is a great place to be

With wondrous things for the eyes to see

We had fun with rocks, ropes and tents

To mountains, valleys and trees we were sent.

Having a splash.

Abhimanyu the skillful commander of Tons

Having fun in the middle of our morning runs

Tej with his tricks & infectious smile

With him by our side we could walk a mile.

Maddy the energetic mountaineer

Is filled with knots for everyone here

Vasundra our kind friend

Who is always by our side to the end.

Listening attentively to Maddy , the trekking Guru

Friendly Deepika the helpful climber

Who helped us with the descend

Veeru the fierce and loyal friend

Looking out for everyone

Dr.Abdul, the helping hand

Supporting us through sickness

The cooking staff whipping up

Amazing food.

Camp commander,Abhimanyu,(Centre,standing) discussing with the Inventure Team.

All staff who made this camp

So amazing & enjoyable

So thank you INME.


Abhinithi Nalwad.

Kaveri Nadamuni

Grade 8