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Our Outbound Trip to Dandeli

Our outbound trip to Dandeli this year was fun, fabulous and exciting. This is an experience we will remember our whole life. The train ride was one of the best parts of the trip.
Day 1
Our adventure started when we pulled our suitcases/bags to our compartments in the train. A lot of questions were swimming around in our head like ‘How would the trip be?’ ‘Would it be fun?’
At the Alnawar station we boarded a bus, which would take us to Anshi Nature Camp which is 50 kilometers away from the train station. The boys were staying in Swiss tents and the girls got to stay in the dormitory.
Since everyone was tired because of the long bus ride, we got some time (2 hrs. ) to freshen up. Then we played a small game before having lunch. Post-lunch was a small trek through the woods were we were looking for wild life. We went to a nearby stream but we couldn’t find any wildlife except for a few water scorpions. Before dinner we saw a short movie on wildlife (BBC Earth). Then we were off to bed.
Day 2
The first thing that we noticed when we got up was that it was chilly!! After breakfast, we played some volleyball. Then we went for a 4 1/2 hour hike. It was fun jumping from rock to rock at a river, even though we did get our shoes a little wet. After looking for so long, we finally found a Pit Viper! Back at camp we played some more games like tree climbing and then we watched a movie. We slept knowing that we would be going to another place in the morning.
Day 3
We left early in the morning to Jungle Lodges, which was 70 kilometers away from the place that we were staying. We stopped at the forest department were we went bird watching. The most exotic bird that we saw was a hornbill. Zip lining came after that. We slept after soup and dinner knowing that this would be our last night in Dandeli.
Day 4
Today we played lots of games that involved teamwork like lagore, the grid game and make a square blindfolded. We went in a coracle and saw another snake. We left for the train in the evening.
Day 5
After a night in the train, we said good bye to the instructors, hoping to see them next year again.
Pranav Guntunur and Ansh Shah
Grade 7