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Fourth graders Aditi and Aryan share their Outbound trip experiences to Coorg

Aditi shares her experience about the Outbound Trip to Coorg.

On the outbound trip we learnt and saw a lot. Day 1 On day 1 we got out of the bus with excitement and hunger. Then we got into jeeps and went up to camp. The nature was beautiful! We had lunch and got some rest for the coming day. Day 2 We quickly ate breakfast and got into groups. There were 4 groups and I was in group 4. We started our trek to go bouldering, but when we reached the boulder, we realized that we couldn’t do it because the rocks were wet and slippery due to heavy rains the previous night. We went back to camp and talked about how we felt because we couldn’t go bouldering. By the time everyone finished, it was time for lunch. After that we took a nap. Later we played outdoor games for a few hours until dinner. Day 3 We had a very delicious breakfast – toast, omelets with cheese and fruits. We got into groups and went backpacking. We climbed a very rough terrain for 3.5 kilometers and reached the top of a hill. On the way down in poured! The rocks were slippery and the ground was muddy. We returned to camp soaked and tired. We had pasta and garlic bread for lunch. At night we had a camp fire. We shared stories and had lots of fun. Day 4 We tried to go bouldering again, but unfortunately we still couldn’t. We returned to camp and played a mind game. It was very hard we kept fighting. Finally, we got it once but we had to keep repeating it. We had a competition in the end and were waiting for the results. Day 5 We got up very early and packed up to leave. We went in jeeps and saw a waterfall. We left Coorg and reached Ramnagar to do rock climbing. There were giant rocks almost as big as an apartment building. We tried climbing the smaller boulders, but ran out of time to do rappelling. We then returned to the buses and headed back to school. As soon as we reached school we all screamed our heads off saying ‘INVENTURE ACADEMY, YAAAAY’

Here’s what Aryan has to say about his Outbound trip experience to Coorg.

The day I got to know about the outbound trip, my initial reaction was sadness and worry. I was depressed that I have to leave my parents for so many days. But, as days passed, I realized that I can go for the trip and slowly the excitement grew. The trip day I was very excited and went to school at wee hours in the morning, and boarded the bus along with my friends. I felt sad for my parents as the bus started, but also excited for the unknown. We reached the Inme campus by lunch time. Inme instructors were strict about the lunch and do’s and don’ts. I was allocated a dormitory along with two of my close friends. We spent the evening discussing about the place and our expectations from the coming days. Day2 started early, I went out for bag packing in a group. There were leeches around and while coming back my shoe had several leeches on it. I was scared and did not even come near to the shoe after removing it. Learned that If you keep throwing you shoe the leeches comes out of it. I went early for bed and it was raining outside. Day3 started with a clear sky and we went for bouldering. The rocks looks scary but could able to climb over two rocks. I was no longer scared and felt good that I could do bouldering. Next day was good, it started with bag packing and we beat the other two groups. I wanted to go to the peak and achieved. Learned that never to give up and loose hope. Last day of our tour, morning we got up, get ready and went to Ramnagaram. To my surprise there were no leeches in Ramnagaram. We were supposed to do rappelling. I was scared to that but my friends told me that it’s easy. I did the rappelling and enjoyed. I appreciated Goldie Sir when he risked and saved Teja from falling down the rock. While coming back to Bangalore we had lot of fun, singed song all the way. It was so nice to see my parents again. I am looking forward for next trip. Concern: I am looking for little better toilet in the campus.