INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Inventure Academy is ranked among the Top Co-ed Day Schools in India in the EducationWorld - C fore survey 2019, the most extensive schools evaluation survey worldwide. In 2019-20, we are ranked #3 in India (up from #4 2018-19 and up from #9 in 2017-18), and #2 in Karnataka and Bangalore (up from #3 in 2017-18).

Parent Testimonials

  • Inventure Academy truly upholds its motto in preparing our children for life and has a platform for every child. Mentoring them for experiences such as Model UN provides the perfect broad based platform for children to build solid researching capabilities, interact on a global level and experience the much needed “out of comfort zone” environment! Wish we had had these opportunities when we were kids!

    Sejal and Priyesh Mody,
    Parents of Anirudh Mody (Grade 10)

  • Dear Team Inventure
    I write to applaud the tremendous effort that has been going into the various aspects of coordination of so many activities that are currently happening in school. Truly amazing and have a complete “wow” element attached. I simply love the google forms.
    Kudos to the entire team and all good wishes for the production event. We look forward to being there and witnessing yet another superlative performance.
    Proud to be part of the Inventure Family.

    Tanya Bali,
    Mother of Varun (Grade 11) & Tia Bali (Grade 4)

  • The students at Inventure welcome and respect the differences in each other and have the confidence that whatever merits or interest they have within them, they can do their best. That is I think, more important in the overall development of the child than pure academics. I would like to thank the school for everything they have done not only for Sahithi but for every child in the school . The school has been growing over the years and I am really proud of the way the facilities are being arranged and expanding. And as the school is expanding they are narrowing down and zeroing in on the most important values the school is based upon and that is truly wonderful. Staying true to its internal values so thank you so much for giving our kids the opportunity to become what they are and I’m looking forward to seeing more great stars come out of the academic institute.

    Aruna Pingali,
    Mother of Sahithi (Class of 2018), Lalitha (Grade 9) and Sreekari Pingali (Grade 6)

  • Inventure focusses in instilling positive values and compassion in it’s students. It’s ability to work with students and parents alongside nurtures excellence in children. It is building Citizens of tomorrow. Our son discovered himself at Inventure. He has become so much more confident and aware.

    Mr & Mrs. Swamy,
    Senior School Parent

  • Inventure Academy provides a rich soil for the growth and development of each child.

    Mr/Mrs. Harlalka,
    Grade 6 and 10

  • Inventure Academy teaches children to cope with the ever changing environment..a skill they will find useful all their life.

    Priya Krishnan,
    Primary School Parent (Grade 3)

  • “Inventure Academy has provided a multi-dimensional platform for my children to experiment as well as get exposed to various schools of thought and experiences. Their optimistic behaviour towards any situation they handle is a testimony to the values and skills being imbibed through the teachings, encouragement and emotional support from the staff and management. Schools such as Inventure Academy (which are not more than a handful across India) are going to provide future leaders due to the focus on identifying and encouraging all round development of children, which is refreshingly different. My children are very good examples of “unbundling” of their hidden talents. At Inventure Academy both of them are truly developing into all–rounders.”

    Shalini & Tarun Bhargava

  • I chose Inventure because we were made to feel very welcome and the school handled all our questions with respect and understanding. My children have turned out to be very well rounded. They take interest in the environment and have a well-balanced approach to academics and co-curricular activities. I think Inventure’s USP is that each child is made to feel special and has the love and support from the school to be the best he or she can be.

    Madhu Chatterjee,
    Mother of Alisha (Grade 2) and Sunaina (Grade 4) 2012

  • Both my son and daughter have really benefitted from Inventure – from its curriculum and because of its culture. It is truly a place that offers choice to its students, encourages students to think for themselves and looks at students holistically. My husband and I are great fans of the outbound program and believe that it builds critical life skills that, perhaps, an academic environment alone cannot.

    Ramya & Bhupendra Sharma,
    Parents of Siddharth (Grade 3) and Tanya (Grade 9) 2012

  • It was very important for us to choose a school that could provide the right balance of academics, sports and extra curricular activities. We were looking out for an eco system where our daughter’s mind could develop without fear, a school that nurtures individuality. After studying and understanding the methodologies of over a dozen schools in Bangalore, we understood that Inventure not only believes in the philosophy, but also practices it at every step. We are so glad that we took this decision as we see our
    daughter grow as a person and find her own space in life with confidence.

    The infrastructure and facilities are great. The community is more like a friend that cares rather than a straight-jacketed one. Inventure makes our child feel like going back to school again!

    Ashutosh Goyal,
    Father of Ashreya (Grade 1) 2012

  • Having lived in Bangalore all our lives, we were well aware of which type of school we were looking for- a school with a good campus,one whose focus was to create an atmosphere where the child could be herself and express herself freely without any fear, equal emphasis on studies, sports, drama and music, an open atmosphere where input from parents was encouraged and of course skilled teachers who could give our children the support required to excel. We were willing to settle for getting a few of our requirements fulfilled
    and sacrificing a few but to our delight we found all that we were looking for at Inventure Academy. We walked in, loved it… and here we are!

    I see many changes in both my children, the most noticeable one being that both of them have grown immensely in self confidence. They experiment and thrive on new challenges and are enjoying doing new and varied activities everyday. They also actually enjoy homework and don’t need to be constantly reminded to complete it- they’re way more responsible!

    I think your USP is that you have manged to achieve a perfect balance between education and extra curricular activities. Allowing the kids to experiment with and find what they love to do, while at the same time not allowing any other area to be compromised is a difficult task- you make it look so easy!

    Resham Gupta,
    Mother of Ananya (Grade 4) and Ahana (Grade 8) 2012

  • As parents, one is always hoping one is doing right by their child. The choice of school is one such decision. How do you predict the growth of your child’s mind, changing interests, myriad influences and hope to find an environment that not only accommodates but nurtures it all?

    There is no one right answer to this nagging question. But a year of being Inventure parents, we feel the fit of the environment is wonderful for both our very individualistic children. Activities that pique interest, teaching that delves deep into application and a well-equipped campus make a great concoction to channel the energies of a child.
     Inventure Academy, you’ve set a high standard, you’ve raised the bar.

    Anju Maudgal Kadam,
    Mother of Khayal (Grade 2) and Darsh (Grade 5) 2012

  • I am writing to you to express our appreciation to the team at Inventure Academy for their
    efforts over the last six months. We are very happy with the progress of both our children. I am happy to see that the children are being given an equal opportunity in varied fields to develop their potential. Aadi has benefited immensely from the exposure in the M.I.X. and the opportunity to represent the school at sports.

    I would like to thank the teachers for the effort they put in with the children. It is
    to see the kids blossom and grow confident under their guidance.

    Sujaya & Sandeep Walia,
    Parents of Arki (K2) and Aadi (Grade 2)

  • This being our first year at Inventure, we must say it has undoubtedly been rewarding for our little one in Grade 2.  As parents, we feel our decision to move to Inventure has been well founded, seeing Agastya’s increasing desire to go to school – eagerly looking forward each morning to a happy and stable environment where both his strengths and weaknesses are managed with equal care. As a result, he is more free-spirited than ever today! Of course, this would not have happened but for the dynamic, integrated and candid faculty at the school and their hands-on interaction with the children, be it at the administrative level or academics.

    The concept of multiple intelligence is something that drew us to the school and really happy that it is being given due importance rather than just lip service through special school activities. The schools’ active participation in inter-school and national level competitions indeed provides further impetus to the children to excel in their core capabilities.

    Another attraction of being Inventure parents is the school’s well-practiced yet parent-teacher/school interaction.  We have, through the entire year, been bombarding teachers with all kinds of questions and feedback. They have always taken the time out to address our concerns beyond our expectations!

    The school’s efforts to inculcate in the kids a deeper understanding of Indian
    values in an international setting deserves a special mention.

    Shikha Wadhwa & Vivek Rana,
    Parents of Agastya (Grade 2) 2010

  • It was a “aah ha” moment when I first met Nooraine during the school scouting process for our children. The idea of providing an environment to explore multiple intelligence and let a child discover his/her passion was in-sync with our own thoughts that this generation of children will have access
    to global opportunities and pursuing their passion was a preferred route for successful, happy citizens. This alignment coupled with a business like focus Inventure brings towards providing a platform to excel in the chosen passion nailed it for us.

    Both our kids love the school and that is “battle won” for us as parents. It is hard to keep them away from school. Their proclivity towards maximizing their time in school because of multiple opportunities available at school have lead them to excel in sports, drama, dance and public speaking, besides
    academics. We probably would never have discovered Payal’s inherent passion for sports and Ankur’s talent for drama, if it weren’t for the exposure they got at Inventure.

    Inventure is a new age school in-sync with today’s “flat world” of global opportunities and provides the varied platform to pursue one’s inherent talent and passion. This mapping produces highly productive and hence successful and happy citizen doing what they love to do. Inventure is way ahead in understanding this mapping and driving the programs. Singular focus on academics, practiced by many Indian schools, is out of sync with the needs of the changing world.

    Ajay and Monisha Kela,
    Parents of Ankur (Grade 6) and Payal (Grade 8) 2010

  • We choose Inventure Academy for our children due to the reasons listed below. We wanted a school that would provide:

    A focus on all round development using all the intelligence. A place where the children would be encouraged, respected and heard. A nurturing and caring environment where students are taught to excel. An atmosphere where children would be free to express and experiment with their ideas and thoughts as well as show case and develop their skills without the fear of retribution or failure. An approachable and open minded management that appreciated parents as partners in progress rather than adversaries to deal with.

    I think Inventure is a great example of how a school can work with parents and students to make school life interesting and fun as well as prepare the students for the future. IA has provided a multi-dimensional platform for my children to experiment as well as get exposed to various schools of thought and experiences which is very difficult or rather impossible to get in convent or unidirectional schools.  My children have had the opportunity to blossom in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. My children are very good examples of “unbundling” of their hidden talents.  At Inventure both of them are truly developing into all-rounders and I am glad I made IA as a choice for my children.

    Schools such as Inventure (which are not more than a handful across India) are going to provide future leaders due to the focus on identifying and encouraging all round development of children which is refreshingly different. Schools which provide opportunities to our children to develop as well rounded world class leaders, who will be capable of leading the world to a brighter future, where excellence eliminates the focus on creed, nationality, religion and caste.

    Shalini & Tarun Bhargava,
    Parents of Pratik (Grade 4) and Akriti (Grade 10) 2010