INCULCATING A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: EducationWorld India School Ranking 2018-19 - Ranked #4 in India, Ranked #2 in Karnataka, Ranked #2 in Bengaluru.

Parent Web Login

Inventure Academy uses a private, secure service to enable parents to keep track of their child’s activities and progress. Through this system, parents can view their child’s grades, attendance, homework and conduct, as well as other useful school information online. They can also communicate with teachers and other school staff whenever they wish.

The School Management System collates information about students, parents and faculty, and brings together processes relating to the school’s daily functioning into one, comprehensive package. It is a facility that allows the school’s management and faculty to track the students’ progress, and monitor learning objectives and outcomes continually. The school can upload information and document data on issues ranging from personal details, fees, and discipline, to lesson plans, homework, schedules, and events.

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