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Poetry workshop

Students of Inventure Academy attended a Poetry workshop on 22 Nov 2011 organized by the British Council. A number of artists who were participating in British Council’s Hay Festival that took place in Trivandrum participated in this workshop to help students to understand poetry. The focus of the workshop was on “WORDS THAT TRANSLATE INTO POEMS.”

Strange words. Funny words. Long words. Short words. Words the crow speaks. Words the heart sings. Words from your own language. Words from another language. Words from a language you invent. Words you have always loved, words you have just discovered. In this workshop, two poets, one Welsh, the other Indian, introduced kids to the joys of finding words that translate into poems.

Welsh poet, Eurig Salisbury, and Indian poet, Sampurna Chattarji, took kids on an exciting journey of writing poems within, across and in-between cultures, looking at themes common to India and Wales.

Venue: BGS National Public School (Bannerghatta Road)

Time: 9 – 11 a.m. 22 Nov 2011

Maya Shenoy

Grade 7B