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Reaching out..

Community Outreach

Saturday, September 15, 2012.

I usually don’t like small children. I’m not a ‘people person’ and certainly not someone who willing mingles with younger children. But Community Outreach is different.  Who could have thought that working with simple twelve year olds could bring you so much joy?

I, along with about twenty other students from Inventure, visited Hallenahalli School. We arrived at the school at about nine, after a scenic drive through farms and villages. The school seemed slightly larger than what I had visited last year during community outreach. It had a small area for outdoor games and around eight classrooms. One of the classrooms was supplied with computers and had a bookshelf consisting of numerous Kannada-English books. We were given a set of almost eighteen seventh grade students to work with. We formed pairs and selected a book.  I worked along with Rhea Sharma from 10 IGCSE and two girls both named Sneha. They were both twelve and knew a knew sentences in English. We had been told that another set of Inventure students had been there last week and taught them a few basic sentences.

After reading the book we had selected on days of the week, we did a re-cap of what they had learnt last week. They remembered everything and it was so nice hearing them talking in English and then teach us bits of Kannada. This week we were supposed to be learning body parts. After a little struggle, we finally mastered the names of body parts in Kannada. But Sneha1 and Sneha2 were much quicker learners. “Head, eyes, ears and nose”; in no time had they mastered the art.

After forty minutes of books and conversation skills, we went out into their ground where we enjoyed a couple of games of Kabbadi, kho kho and Dog and the Bone. The girls excelled at Kabbadi, but we did manage to win one of the games.

Unfortunately, an hour passed by really fast. Before we knew it, it was time to go back to Inventure.  What a wonderful experience we shared with our friends at Hallenadhalli!

Manasi Rao